How to get the best support from the GMass team

GMass is a bigger operation than it was when it launched in September of 2015. Now there are multiple team members, we use Zendesk as our support ticketing system, and we have lots of blog content answering almost every question imaginable.

Whereas before it was customary for users to email the founder (Ajay) directly, now we’d like our users to email our support email address, Here are some additional steps you can take to ensure yourself the best possible GMass support:

  1. Please send one single email to and not to other email addresses.
  2. Make sure your email to comes FROM the Gmail account for which you are seeking help. If your email comes from a different From Address, be sure to specify the Gmail account with which you’re using GMass and want help. If you send us an email “from” an address for which we can’t locate a GMass account, and no other email address is mentioned, the support request will be discarded.
  3. Do not email team members directly for new requests. This lowers your response time, since the first step the team member will take is to forward your email to in order to create a ticket.
  4. Do not respond to mass emails from GMass staff announcing new features asking for account-specific support.
  5. Often times a support requested can be answered by a blog post. Please do not be offended if your support question is responded to with a simple link to a blog post rather than a complete sentence.
  6. Include screenshots and videos where applicable to illustrate the issue.
  7. If your question has to do with a specific campaign, include the campaign ID in your request.
  8. If you’re trying to cancel a campaign, read this article.
  9. If you’re looking to stop other types of GMass emails from sending, read this article.
  10. If you’re looking to cancel a paid subscription, follow these instructions.
  11. If your emails are bouncing because with a “You have exceeded your limit” message, read this first.
  12. If you are trying to cancel a GMass subscription or request a tracking domain or do anything that requires an command in the To field, and you get a bounce, it’s because you hit the Send button when you were supposed to hit the GMass button. Please do not contact us to tell us that an email to an address bounced.

5 thoughts on “How to get the best support from the GMass team

  1. Cindy Jones (office staff) WSFA

    We are considering your services: already use classic gmail with chrome.

    Do you have to build a new mass email list every time you want to send out a mass email

    or can I put the emails for all of our clients (just over 1000 working emails) into a build created once and then use that same list for each new mass email?

    If I can only build the list one time, can that list then be edited for whenever a stray email is no longer valid?

  2. Mila

    I have been trying to use GMass and I am having problem with the Personalization.

    I use a google spreadsheet with 2 columns: Email, FirstName – and the first name becomes blank when sent (instead of entering the name).

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