You can now send 10,000 emails with GMass and Gmail

This has been the hardest feature we’ve developed to date, but we pulled it off just in time for Christmas. It’s time to reload Gmail (just hit the Refresh button in Chrome), because you can now send mass email campaigns with 10,000 emails with GMass, and GMass will distribute the emails over multiple days automatically, based on your Gmail account’s sending limits.

If you have a regular Gmail account, you can send up to 500 emails per rolling 24 hours. If you have a G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) account, you can send up to 2,000 emails per rolling 24 hours.

For example, if you have a Google Sheets spreadsheet with 8,000 addresses, and you’re sending from a G Suite account, when you hit the GMass button, 2,000 emails will send immediately, another 2,000 will send 24 hours from then, another 2,000 48 hours from then, and the final 2,000 72 hours from then.

Remember, you have to reload Gmail in Chrome to get the GMass update that makes this possible.

GMass itself now has over 60,000 users, meaning I need to use this feature myself whenever I send an announcement to my users.

This feature is only useful if your emails are NOT time-sensitive. Most GMass announcements, like this one you’re reading right now, are not time-sensitive, so I’m able to use this new capability of GMass to send GMass announcements. Rather meta, I believe!

GMass will automatically send 500 emails/day or 2,000 emails/day if your email campaign has more than 500 or 2,000 recipients, respectively. You can also control, however, how many go out per day with the new Spread out setting under the GMass Settings arrow. If left blank, GMass will use 500 (regular Gmail) or 2,000 (G Suite) automatically, but you can override this by setting your own value.

Other Useful Information

1. How the timing works

Because Gmail tracks total emails sent on a rolling 24 hour basis, each subsequent batch of emails will be sent exactly 24 hours after the last email from the previous batch is sent. For example, if you send 8,000 emails on Wednesday at 2:00 PM, then the first 2,000 will be sent right away. If they finish sending at 2:15 PM, then the next batch of 2,000 will be sent at 2:15 PM on Thursday.

2. For large sends, you will notice a new alias address format in the To field of the Compose window.

If you connect to a Google Sheets spreadsheet with more than 2,000 addresses, then instead of populating the To field with all 2,000 addresses, you’ll see an address that looks like:

This address represents all 2,000 recipient email addresses. When you hit the GMass button, the sending to the first batch of 8,000 addresses will begin. The reason we use an alias address instead of stuffing all 8,000 addresses in the To field is because the Gmail Compose window no longer functions with 4,000 or more addresses in the To field. We also do this because even loading a few thousand addresses in the To field takes a long time and we don’t like making you, the user, wait.

3. You may want to use a “Spread out” factor of slightly less than 500 or 2000.

If you send regular one-to-one correspondence from your regular Gmail account, you may want to set your mail merge to send at say, 450 emails/day rather than 500 emails/day, so you have a buffer of 50 emails/day for your regular email correspondence. Similarly, if you’re a G Suite user, you may want to set this to 1,900 instead of letting the system default to 2,000.

4. This feature does not keep track of multiple campaigns.

If you’re a G Suite user and you’re sending a single mass email 8,000 people, then your email will send at 2,000/day over 4 days. If you don’t need to send any other mass emails for those 4 days, then this will work perfectly. If you do need to send other mass emails over those 4 days, you will need to plan for that ahead of time, and adjust the sending down to a factor of less than 2,000/day. The feature is “blind” to other campaigns you may need to send later or have already scheduled — it will only spread the current campaign out based on the number of people in that particular campaign. It does not take other campaigns into consideration when calculating how many to send per day.

That’s all you need to know to start sending larger campaigns through GMass. Contact me with any questions.

40 Replies to “You can now send 10,000 emails with GMass and Gmail”

  1. Steve Cobb

    In order to use the campaign, do you have to be logged on 24hrs, or will it really automatically send them each day without you being logged in? Thanks!

  2. e.t.

    I spotted a trouble: the GMass Report periodically report that by 4 different email addresses (locate in different places in the world) is clicked a link in the message, and this many time a day, and always the same 4 and at the same time!
    The report – along few days – list hundred time the same thing.

  3. puchitzel


    I think Gmass is exactly the tool i'm looking for (great app !!!), but before I start using it I just want to know precisely a couple of things.

    I intend to send around 1000 mails "divided" on chunks of approximately 100 / day.
    1. After I set all the parameters do I need to log every day on the google mail account in order to help "the miracle happen". I mean if I dont "see" the account daily, the daily job will be delayed to the next day after i log in?
    2. How do I verify that the 100 mails have been sent on a day. Do I have to look on "Sent mails"? Are they sent at the same hour or spread in 24 hours?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

  4. Ajay Goel

    Yes. If you go to the "GMass Scheduled" label and open up the email campaign that is scheduled, GMass will tell you the status of that campaign (how many emails have sent, how many remain to be sent, how many times the campaign has been processed). You can also make changes to the schedule and the campaign from here as well. Just click the GMass button after making changes.

  5. Ajay Goel

    No offense taken. Generally if you're not sending spam, and people aren't reporting your email as spam, there is very little chance Google will suspend your account.

  6. Ajay Goel

    1. You do NOT need to log in every day once you have scheduled your email campaign. The emails will send per the daily schedule regardless of whether you're logged in or not.

    2. You can look in your Sent Mail folder, or you can find the campaign in "GMass Scheduled", click on it, and the yellow status bar above will tell you the sending status of the campaign.

  7. puchitzel

    thank you very much for your answer.
    like i said it exactly what i need.

    please tell me if the schedule can be made on intervals smaller than one day… I mean 10 / mail hourly. I'm asking that because some spam filter "cut" the mails directed to a specific server and looks identical…

    (if the mails are sent on ONE BY ONE or in small groups the question has no sense)

    Thank you

  8. NicholeK

    I have a Google Apps email account, but when I sent an email to 718 recipients yesterday using GMass, 218 bounced back. I have nothing under the "GMass Scheduled" label. I also don't know which 218 failed without opening up each email that bounced back, which leaves me in a spot where I have to resend to everyone again if the 218 aren't scheduled.

    Is it safe to assume that since the "Scheduled" label is empty, it's not going to resend? And how do I avoid this in the future?

  9. Anonymous


    I set up Gmass to create 380 Drafts, because of the limits it only created 160 Drafts that i sent out. I received a message the I would have to wait for another 24 hours which is not a problem.

    My question is will Gmass automatically create the remaining drafts after 24 hours without my intervention? Thanks in advance

  10. Matt

    That would be great if GMASS could spread all email sent over the entire day.

    So 1 email is sent and after 'x' seconds/minutes, another email is sent… that way it looks more natural and will surely help the deliverability of the campaign

  11. Unknown

    I think this is a tremendously smart feature… new update as of May 19th, 2016 5:22am, Google started bouncing e-mails around ~80 emails per blast… perhaps we could have a feature that would enable us to send out one email per minute? Or maybe, 10 emails in a minute? Just a suggestion — otherwise fantastic tool so far it's working like a charm with facebook emails…

  12. Ajay Goel

    I am considering a mechanism like that, although I don't know if that will help much. You still won't be able to exceed your account's quota, even if you slow down the rate of email transmission. The deliverability with GMass should already be really high, because you're sending from Gmail's servers.

  13. Andrew Maynes

    I received a lot of unable to send from a small list of contacts, the gmail account is setup using an alias could this be an issue as the smtp is that of the domain and not googles? plus I noticed a reference to ?

  14. Ajay Goel

    Andrew — please email me at with the Gmail account you're using and the Campaign ID, if you have it. Then I can look up exactly what is happening with your account.

    We do use Sendgrid to send certain notifications to our users, like when a campaign is done sending. All sending of your actual campaigns is done through your Gmail account though, not through Sendgrid.

  15. Unknown

    My account is doing the same thing and I haven't even sent close to the gmail limit. I only set it up for 350 emails just so it doesn't bounce. Now every time I try to send a gmass it bounces back and locks me out.

  16. mazharoddin's blog

    Hi Ajay,

    Its really nice tool, but my account got suspended after sending around 1000 mails, I am not very sure the reason, but may be its due to high bounce rate.
    Can you please let me know how to stop a campaign after it's been scheduled, I would like to stop the campaign so that google won't suspend my account again.

    Also if possible please provide some mechanism to change the e-mail frequency per day so that it don't look like automated mail service. Thanks.

    But definitely its a nice tool.

  17. Maulik Shah

    I have added just 80 email address in mail list but GMass button not able to send that mail. If I select just 15 then GMass can work properly.

    So can you please aware my why its done?

  18. Yash

    I have a google apps account with a limit of 2,000 emails per day. If I have a list of 50,000+ email addresses, will it take 25 days to get sent? or will the emails stop getting sent at 10,000?

  19. Unknown

    I've recently subscribed to the GMASS service as I thought it would be a good solution for my relatively small outreach (just over 1400 emails) to which I send emails to once or twice a month. Initial test on 10 people worked great. However, my first attempt at sending en mass to the 1400+ 3 weeks ago was disappointing. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong: In the To: field I put the gmail contact group that has the 1400, names and followed the instructions to set up and send the email. After 5 days I checked the campaign which showed that emails were only sent to 500 emails. If I understand correctly how GMASS works, all 1400+ emails should have been sent automatically within 3 days. Would appreciate it if someone can get back to me, otherwise I'll have to cancel my subscription.

  20. Diego Oliveira Sanchez

    How does this feature work along automatic follow ups?

    E.g. I want to contact 1,000 people, sending 100 emails per day. I want to also add 3 follow ups per person (one each 3 days). So in total, that would be 4,000 emails.

    If I set the limit of spreading out 100 per day, I am thinking:
    a) It will email 100 NEW people per day. Then, on day 4, it will send 100 emails to a new batch PLUS 100 follow up emails to the first batch. On day 10, this will mean 400 emails (100 to batch 10, 100 follow up to batch 7, 100 follow up to batch 4, and 100 final follow up to batch 1). Is this how it works since the feature is blind of other campaigns?
    b) Will this feature cut down follow up emails to ensure the limit of 100 is kept every day?
    c) Something else?

    It would be great to clarify which of the 3 above is the correct answer. I am using a brand new Google Apps account, and I want to make sure I don’t go over the limits.


  21. tournament

    I think this is among the most significant info for
    me. And i’m glad reading your article. But want to remark on few general things, The site style is perfect, the
    artices is reeally nice : D. Good job, cheers

    • Maya Quijada

      Gmail officially limits Gmail accounts to 500 emails per 24 hours, and Google Apps accounts to 2,000. You can use GMass to send to 1900 recipients, and the message will go as an individual email to each recipient. It will not send as a BCC but as an individual email – so none of your contacts will be exposed to each other.

  22. Lokesh

    If I send an email to 100 people through GMASS, I dont want to see 100 emails in my sent folder. To clean the sent folder every day takes time. Is there any way to not to put all these 100 mails in sent folder as the content for all the emails is same therefore just one email in sent folder is fine.
    Thank You,

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