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If you’re a paid GMass subscriber who has already subscribed with a credit card (as opposed to PayPal), you can now change your GMass plan on your own.

Note: If you still have a free account, this below method is NOT how you subscribe. Please subscribe directly from the Pricing page.

Now, if you want to upgrade from a Standard Plan to a Premium Plan to get the auto follow-up feature, you can now do that. Similarly, if you want to downgrade from the Standard Plan to the Minimal Plan with the footer, you can also do that.

You can also upgrade from an individual subscription to a Team Plan.

Finally, if you want to switch from a Monthly to an Annual plan, you can also do that.

How to change your plan if you’re already a subscriber

Assuming you’re on the Minimal or Standard Plan, this is how you upgrade to Premium.
Assuming you’re on a Monthly Minimal or Standard Plan, this is how you would upgrade to the Annual Premium Plan.
  1. Click Compose to launch a new window.
  2. Set the To field to changeplan@gmass.co.
  3. Set the Subject to reflect the plan you wish to switch to.

    You can type “Minimal“, “Standard“, or “Premium“.

    You can type “Team 5” to upgrade to the Team 5 User plan. Or type “Team 10” to upgrade to the Team 10 User plan. Team Plans come in packs of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 users.

    You can also just set it to “annual” to upgrade whatever monthly plan you’re to the corresponding annual plan.

    Or you can combine the “annual” keyword it with a plan level. For example, if you’re on the Monthly Standard Plan, you can type “annual premium” to switch to the Annual Premium Plan.

    If you’re on a Team Plan and want to switch from monthly to annual billing, just type “annual” in the Subject.

  4. Leave the Message blank.
  5. Hit the GMass button. Do not hit the Send button.

Important things to know

  1. If you have subscribed with PayPal, you cannot use this system to change your plans. PayPal subscribers will need to login to their PayPal accounts, subscribe to the new plan and cancel their old plan, from within the PayPal interface.
  2. Using this system, you can move between the Minimal, Standard, and Premium Plans, and you can also switch from Monthly to Annual billing. You cannot switch from Annual to Monthly Billing.
  3. If you are on a Team Plan, you cannot use this tool to downgrade to a non-Team Plan.
  4. If you are on a Team Plan, you can change the number of users in your Team Plan. Meaning, you can switch from a 5-user Team Plan to a 10-user Team Plan with this tool.
  5. You cannot use this method to upgrade from a free account to a paid account. For that go to the Pricing page to subscribe.
  6. You cannot use this method to cancel a paid subscription. For that go to the cancellation instructions.

Further Reading

Check out the GMass Pricing FAQ.