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Look at all the big brand emails in my Gmail Promotions folder

I was just rummaging through my Gmail Promotions folder and shocked at how many emails of major international brands landed here. Microsoft, Amazon.com, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Saks, Grubhub…the list goes on and on. Even the international Heathrow airport couldn’t manage to land in my Inbox. How any major brand can feel like their email marketing efforts are successful when all of their emails are landing in Gmail’s Promotions folder is a giant mystery to me.

Granted, GMass would not be the right fit for any of these brands, as surely their mailing volume is far greater than what GMass can handle. Still though, if you’re a GMass user, you can rest easy knowing that one of the primary email deliverability advantages to using GMass over a traditional email service provider (ESP) is that if you implement a few key deliverability measures, that your emails will end up in the Primary Inbox and not in the Spam folder, not in the Social Media folder, and certainly not in the Promotions folder.

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