Bug fix involving scheduling mass emails in regions where time is ahead of GMT

We’ve just fixed a bug that was preventing users in regions where the time is ahead of GMT from scheduling email marketing campaigns with GMass and Gmail.

If you were in such a region, generally defined as east of London in the United Kingdom, and you attempted to use the Scheduling field to schedule a mass email send for the future, you might have seen this in the date/time field:

01/29/2016 08:00am -NaN:NaN

Instead of seeing your actual time zone offset, the nonsense text “-NaN:NaN” was displayed.

This issue was due to a coding syntax error, and only affected users with a positive time zone offset. The United States and all of North America operates on a negative time zone offset, so those users would not have been affected, but users in India or China for example, would not have been able to schedule mass emails for a future time.

The issue has now been corrected, so in the example above, if you’re in India for example, you would see:
01/29/2016 08:00am +05:30
I apologize to our users east of London who until now were been unable to schedule mail merge campaigns in Gmail because of this.
Be sure to reload Gmail in Chrome to get the GMass update that fixes this bug.

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