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Bug Fix: Personalization with Google Sheets

We’ve just fixed a bug that affected users connecting to a Google Sheets spreadsheet and using personalization.

The bug: If the spreadsheet column names were “FirstName” and “LastName”, and you attempted to personalize your email with {FirstName} and {LastName}, the personalization would fail, resulting in each variable being replaced with a blank.

Cause: This was due to a fault in our code that was pulling the first name and last name from the Gmail Contacts as opposed to the Google Sheets spreadsheet, since non-Sheets users can still personalize emails with {FirstName} and {LastName} if the first and last names are stored with email addresses in your Gmail or Google Contacts.

The fix: The fix has now been deployed, and we have tested and confirmed that personalization with Google Sheets for a mail-merge campaign does now work properly when the column names include “FirstName” and “LastName”.

  1. Hey Gmass! Personalization still doesn't work for me. Wondering if you can help me out. I'm using a test google spreadsheet – super simple 3 columns: Email, FirstName, and LastName. When using Google Sheets personalization buttons on compose email box, I'm still receiving my test emails with the default fallback value (e.g., "{FirstName}"). Any clue?

  2. Brian – I tested with the sample spreadsheet you sent me, and the personalization did work properly on that particular spreadsheet. If you're still having an issue, please email me again. Thanks.

    1. Hi Marcus,

      Please contact our support team through http://gmass.co/g/support with a screenshot of your draft as well as your spreadsheet, please include just the header row and a few rows down.

  3. HelloHey thereHeyGood dayHowdyHi thereHello thereHi! Do you know if they make any plugins to protectsafeguard against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any suggestionsrecommendationstips?

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