Bug Fix: Personalization with Google Sheets

We’ve just fixed a bug that affected users connecting to a Google Sheets spreadsheet and using personalization.

The bug: If the spreadsheet column names were “FirstName” and “LastName”, and you attempted to personalize your email with {FirstName} and {LastName}, the personalization would fail, resulting in each variable being replaced with a blank.

Cause: This was due to a fault in our code that was pulling the first name and last name from the Gmail Contacts as opposed to the Google Sheets spreadsheet, since non-Sheets users can still personalize emails with {FirstName} and {LastName} if the first and last names are stored with email addresses in your Gmail or Google Contacts.

The fix: The fix has now been deployed, and we have tested and confirmed that personalization with Google Sheets for a mail-merge campaign does now work properly when the column names include “FirstName” and “LastName”.

7 Replies to “Bug Fix: Personalization with Google Sheets”

  1. Brian Quach

    Hey Gmass! Personalization still doesn't work for me. Wondering if you can help me out. I'm using a test google spreadsheet – super simple 3 columns: Email, FirstName, and LastName. When using Google Sheets personalization buttons on compose email box, I'm still receiving my test emails with the default fallback value (e.g., "{FirstName}"). Any clue?

  2. Ajay Goel

    Brian – I tested with the sample spreadsheet you sent me, and the personalization did work properly on that particular spreadsheet. If you're still having an issue, please email me again. Thanks.

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