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Bug fixes for personalization and open/click tracking

We just deployed an update that fixes three bugs affecting personalization and open/click tracking.

  1. Bug: If you searched your account and then clicked the “Build Email List” button, in certain cases an email address would be populated in the To field without its corresponding first and last name. This would cause personalization with {FirstName} and {LastName} to fail or use the fallback value for these specific addresses. This would happen if the email address wasn’t already a Gmail contact, meaning that person had emailed you at least once, but you hadn’t yet emailed them back. This is now fixed.
  2. Bug: When connecting to a Google Sheets spreadsheet or building an email list from a search results, the Compose window would load in Plain Text mode rather than HTML mode. Therefore, if you typed a message and hit the GMass button, it would be sent as plain text, and opens and clicks would not be tracked, even if you had the checkboxes for Open Tracking and Click Tracking set. If you copied an HTML message from an outside source and then pasted it into the Compose window, it would only paste in as plain text. This is now fixed, and the Compose will load in HTML mode by default.
  3. Bug: When connecting to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, if the column containing email addresses had spaces or newline characters around it, then personalization would fail on that row. This is now fixed, and personalization will work even on rows where the email address column has whitespace characters.
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  1. To get GMass to personalize is very frustrating. I sent out an email to 40 valued customers and put in the left bracket and chose {first name/friend} Little did I know that every one of those emails would say Hi Friend–not what I wanted for this type of email–it shows my customers that this was a mass email. Bad.

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