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Disappearing GMass button

If the GMass buttons have disappeared from your Gmail account in the last 36 hours, it’s likely because Chrome has disabled the GMass extension due to a mistaken permissions change. To fix this, go to Chrome –> Preferences –> Extensions, and re-check the box next to GMass.

Technical Explanation:

On Wednesday evening, we pushed a new version of GMass to the Chrome Web Store, and this version listed “www.dev.gmass.co”, which is our development server, as a website for which the extension required permissions. Because the previous version didn’t request this permission, Chrome may have disabled GMass because of the new permission request. We have now pushed a fix for this to the Chrome Web Store, so that the latest version does not require permissions to our development server.

  1. I deleted the older Gmass Extension and installed the new one but my Gmass button keeps disappearing every now and then.

    1. Hi,

      We’ve responded to you directly with an inquiry to help us diagnose the issues you’re encountering. Please check your email.

  2. Hi. My gmass button disappear in my Gmail now and then. I’ve checked the extensions it’s “enable”. Can anyone help me? Thanks

    1. Hi Tuyen,

      You may have an extension that was recently installed or updated that’s causing a conflict. We’ve responded to your email directly, kindly check your mailbox.

  3. My gmass button has disappeared. Why? Everything is enabled. Nothing has changed. I did add another extension recently, but just now removed it in case it was in conflict. Still, NO GMASS button.

    1. Hi Chip,

      Please try disabling all other extensions except GMass. Then reload your Gmail tab to confirm that the GMass button has reappeared. Then one by one, enable your other extensions and reloading your Gmail tab in between each enable,

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