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New Domain-Level Email Campaign Report

We have just added a new domain-level report to the main Campaign Report. The domain-level report shows a breakdown of all domains sent to for a particular campaign, along with the opens, clicks, bounces, and blocks on a per-domain basis.

Here’s an example of the domain-level report from a campaign I recently sent to all of my users:

You don’t need to do anything to get this update. Starting now, you’ll notice that new Campaign Reports that arrive under the GMass Reports –> CAMPAIGNS Label will include the domain-level report.

  1. A bit confused by report. For example, Campaign 677152 shows 32 sent to osumc.edu, but we only have 1 contact there with 1 email address.

    What am I missing?

    1. Sorry about that! It was a bug, and it’s now fixed. The next time your campaign report is refreshed, you’ll see an accurate Domain Report.

  2. Hi Ajay,
    What does the % next to the opens column signify? Mine don’t calculate out to the proper open % rate. For instance, Sent 102 Opens 90 (38%) – 90 opens is 88.24% out of 102 sent.

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