GMass Chrome Extension Update

We just deployed a new version of our Chrome Extension, so if you haven’t reloaded Gmail in a while, please do so now to get the update.

GMass Chrome Extension
The latest version of the GMass Mail Merge Chrome Extension.

There are many subtle enhancements to the GMass mail merge extension, but the most noticeable will be:

  1. The ability to scroll the Settings box. Previously, if you expanded more than a couple Stages of auto follow-ups, the Settings box would be “cut off”. Now, a scroll bar will appear, which allows you to scroll through easily rather than collapse and expand sections to find the area you wish to work with.
  2. The Settings box loads much faster now. Previously, if you had thousands of campaigns, the Settings box would take a long time to load, because the Load Content dropdown would take time to load up all of your past mail merge campaigns. Now, that dropdown loading process takes place in parallel to other processes, so it’s much faster.

4 Replies to “GMass Chrome Extension Update”

  1. Prith Das

    Since Yesterday Nov 16th, 2017, I could not send emails using Gmass- It says “Please wait” and then never gives any confirmation that the request have been processed, neither in the sent emails it is showing the activity.

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