How to cancel your paid Gmail Mail Merge subscription to GMass

How to cancel your subscription to GMass’s mail merge tool depends on whether you subscribed with a credit card or a PayPal account or Bitcoin.

Credit Card Subscriptions

First, you must have the GMass extension installed. If the GMass buttons aren’t showing up in your Gmail interface, then it’s not installed. You can install it from our homepage.

Then, log in to the Gmail account whose GMass subscription you wish to cancel. If you don’t have access to that Gmail account anymore, log in to ANY Gmail account that is connected to GMass.

1. Launch a regular Gmail Compose Window.

2. Set the To field to cancel@gmass.coDo not hit Send.

3. If you are logged into the Gmail account whose subscription you want to cancel, leave the Subject blank.

Leave the Subject blank if you’re logged into the Gmail account whose GMass subscription you want to cancel.

If you are logged into a different account, put the email address of the account whose subscription you are cancelling in the Subject line.

Set the Subject to the address of the GMass subscription you want to cancel, if you’re not logged into that same Gmail account. Here, I’m logged into but I’m cancelling the GMass subscription for

4. Optionally, please tell us the reason for your cancellation in the Body of the email. This is optional.

5. Do not click the Gmail Send button. Click the GMass button. Your subscription will end immediately, but your account will remain on its plan until your paid period is up. So if you’re a monthly subscriber, you can still use GMass until the end of your monthly period. The same applies if you’re an annual subscriber. You will receive a message in your Inbox telling you when your account will be demoted to free status.

Important: Be sure to hit the red GMass button, and not the regular Gmail Send button, because is not a real email address; it is a command. Hitting the regular Send button will result in a bounce. If you do not have the GMass button because you uninstalled the extension, you must re-install the GMass extension to cancel your subscription.

So that means: If you receive a message from Mail Delivery Subsystem saying “Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:, ” then you have pressed the Gmail Send button. Try again, and be sure to hit the red GMass button.

Another note: It’s easiest if you’re logged into the Gmail account that has the GMass subscription you wish to cancel. But if you can’t log in to that account, you can log into ANY other Gmail account that is connected to GMass. We will then verify that the logged-in Gmail account has permission to cancel the subscription of the other account before the cancellation is final.

Last note: Uninstalling the GMass extension does not automatically cancel your subscription to GMass. Just like, if you remove the Netflix app from your mobile device, it doesn’t automatically cancel your Netflix subscription.

PayPal Subscriptions

If you paid with PayPal, you must log in to your PayPal account and cancel your GMass subscription from there. Your GMass account will be demoted to “free” account status within a few minutes after canceling. When you cancel a PayPal subscription to GMass, you do not get the unused time for the month or year. Your account will be demoted to “free” status right away and its limits will reset to the free account sending limits right away. With credit card subscriptions, you would get the unused time.

Bitcoin Subscriptions

If you paid with Bitcoin, your subscription already has a pre-determined life, and it will automatically cancel after your paid time has expired. Bitcoin transactions are one-time transactions and are not recurring.

251 Replies to “How to cancel your paid Gmail Mail Merge subscription to GMass”

    • Ajay Goel

      Yes, If you are logged into a different account, put the email address of the account whose subscription you are cancelling in the Subject line.

    • Débora

      Ja cancei de seguir o passo a passo para cancelar essa assinatura que nunca usei e ja me foi cobrado 2 meses, e agora seguindo as instruções de vocês recebi a resposta que acabei de instalar
      que palhaçada é essa?
      Quero meu dinheiro de volta
      fico clicando no GMASS e só parece a informação que o GMASS esta na espera e não envia o e mail de cancelamento de assinatura
      quero meu dinheiro de volta
      quero meu dinheiro de volta

      • Débora

        cade a resposta?
        Quero cancelar a assinatura
        quero meu dinheiro de volta
        quero meu dinheiro de volta
        é impossível cancelar, já foi feito para não ser cancelado

  1. Kaushik Bhatnagar

    Dear Mr Ajay Goel,​

    I have paid amount of $8.95 yesterday. Please refund.

    ​What I thought from long and lengthy misleading & unclear literature​ : That I can send 2000 e-mails per day in a click or in one go by using my se…ty@gmail.comaccount. Which is wrong.

    We can send 2000 e mails by using personal domain like, you know what we can send only 2000 individual emails not in bulk.

    Cal you arrange a call. If you have something to explain.

    ​​​ ​is not working!!!!

      • Mark Mahoney

        @Kaushkik we have a case open through Visa. Do NOT send the evidence to Ajay Goel – SEND IT to whatever merchant you had. MAKE the merchants register gmass under cautious so finally enough dings will FORCE THEM TO FIX THIS OR LOSE MERCHANT SERVICES

    • Ajay Goel

      No subscription service is ever for “a month”, and this is certainly not the “rule of thumb”. On both our Pricing page and in the “welcome” email you get upon subscribing, it is explained that you are subscribed to a monthly service and are charged monthly until you cancel. I challenge you to find a SaaS company that operates differently.

      • Henry

        Hello Ajay,

        It’s pretty clear that a lot of people are having trouble cancelling their account with GMASS, myself included, however your responses don’t seem to be very professional.

        Perhaps you would be better off treating your customers with more respect?

        Your cancellation process is terrible and if you can’t face up to that then please don’t take it out on your customers.

        • Marvin Quinsaat

          Hi Henry,

          We apologize if there is miscommunication on our behalf – we do not intend to offend or come off as disrespectful. Our cancellation process is actually very simple and straightforward. You may cancel a subscription on the account you’re logged into by opening a new compose, adding into the TO field and then clicking the red GMass button.

          However, if you’re logged into a different account and want to cancel a subscription on another, simply follow the same steps but add the email address of the account that has the subscription in the subject line before clicking on the GMass button.

          • Justin

            Its awful practice to require someone to download/install your extension just to cancel the account.

            Consider my situation: I’ve never used GMass before, but I’ve been tasked with cancelling the account by my boss. The Google account doesn’t even exist anymore.

            Its fine for this GMass option stuff to be an option, but you need another option for someone who doesn’t want to install your stuff.

          • Alpesh

            I also followed this step last month but today debited the same amount.
            Pls suggest how to cancel subscription.


    When Can I get my refund? I only used it for a couple of hours because all the messages where BLOCKED due to the US IP address.

  3. Vince Chew

    Hi, if I cancel the subscription middle of the month, will I still be able to have the full functionality until the last date? Or I will end up only with 50emails/day restriction immediately when I can cancel?

    • Maya Quijada

      Hi Vince,

      We ask that users cancel at the end of their renewal term, as we have a very basic invoicing system that cancels universally and immediately.

  4. Ayushi Mittal

    My account also got blocked as soon as i started using it. I was just sending 300 mails per day and even though i got blocked. First of all, please cancel my subscription and second how to use it properly?

  5. Vera


    I cancelled an old paid subscription to g-mail and bought a new one, but somehow still have the old features. I would like to know how to solve this as soon as possible, as it affects my working.

  6. Rhandell Mitchell

    I tried to cancel just a few minutes ago and the email address on this post to cancel doesn’t even work. Last month Google almost shut my account down for using GMass.

        • Ajay Goel

          If you are logged into a different account, put the email address of the account whose subscription you are cancelling in the Subject line. You can cancel a GMass subscription from another email account as long as it’s connected to GMass.

  7. Diones Aparecido dos Santos

    Hi Gmass,
    The account I signed up for got blocked by google. Is there a way I can still cancel my subscription?

    • Ajay Goel

      If you are logged into a different account, put the email address of the account whose subscription you are cancelling in the Subject line. You can cancel a GMass subscription from another email account as long as it’s connected to GMass.

  8. Annodominii

    I subscribed for GMass yesterday , still Gmail is not allowing me to send more than 50 emails per day. I want to cancel my subcription. I want to know will I be charged for using the service for single day or money will be refunded?

    Kindly reply


    My gmail account has been blocked by google. Now what is the way to cancel the subscription? I do not find any way to do so. Please reply because many people are facing the same problem.

  10. Manish Joshi

    I am not very pleased with GMASS
    I got my account closed
    BUT cancellation was QUICK, just took one Minuit
    For all those trying to cancel, read all instructions and cancel accordingly.

  11. Kalyan Chakravarthy

    I wish to send mail to Around 50,000 contacts i have. Can you please suggest the best plan for this??? Also, can i send the mail in any regional language like (Telugu).. Please advice me at the earliest.

  12. Miraan Tabrez

    Hi Ajay,

    Didn’t realize I was still subscribed! I only used gmass once months ago. I paid by card but it’s not a direct debit; you’re just charging my bank card every month so I can’t even cancel it from my online banking. That’s pretty dangerous. A direct debit would be much easier to manage and safer. Right now I’m on my mobile so I can’t even cancel it with your instructions. You need to make it easier to cancel these payment subscriptions, including from mobile, otherwise it comes across as a bit sneaky on your part. Just a simple link to login to gmail would do. Would really appreciate it if you refunded my payment on 14/07/17 as I haven’t been using gmass for many months now – I forgot I had it, and saw no indication on my direct debits or standing orders that I was still being regularly debited each month. Thanks.

    • Ajay Goel

      It’s made clear both on the Pricing page, the Pricing FAQ, our homepage, and in the subscription confirmation email that you get that GMass is a monthly (or yearly) service, and that you’re charged at those intervals.

      To contact us to request a refund, please contact our Support team:

      GMass, being a Chrome extension, does not work on mobile, so we are not going to make it possible to cancel on a mobile device.

  13. Taylor Peugh

    The Account I was using was a test account. How do I cancel service if I don’t have access to that account anymore?

    • Ajay Goel

      Yes, absolutely. If you are logged into a different account, put the email address of the account whose subscription you are cancelling in the Subject line. You can cancel a GMass subscription from another email account as long as it’s connected to GMass.

  14. Sophia

    Please Cancel my subscription not satisfied with the services at all and also provide me the summary of my whole subscription and refund.


      • Mark Mahoney

        @Kaushkik we have a case open through Visa. Do NOT send the evidence to Ajay Goel – SEND IT to whatever merchant you had. MAKE the merchants register gmass under cautious so finally enough dings will FORCE THEM TO FIX THIS OR LOSE MERCHANT SERVICES

  15. vishal chauhan

    m paid user of g-suite and gmass
    I did follow your every blogs and emails
    but i can not be able to send 2000 emails per day

    i set command just created draft
    i also set 1900 limit per day

    after what happend m just sending 100-200 emails

    if really it has any feature of 2000 emails per day than you have to proper guide me

  16. Rajesh Kalra

    Mr. Ajay I have been using G Suite with my company domain name. Even then I’m only able to send 500 mails per day. Please refund my 19.95 USD.

  17. Marc

    I have uninstalled gmass from my chrome extensions however it still appears as an option on my emails how do I remove this.

    I do not wish to use the service.

  18. subha

    I have just sent this email to your support email to

    MY gmass google account was . Previous month I brought the subscription of standard plan by paying $8.95 . After using it for 7 days my account got banned . yesterday another $8.95 was taken from My Card . Please refund my 2nd payment and cancel my subscription. thank you .

    Hopefully I will get the refund and cancellation of my subscription . Thank you

  19. sp

    I Cannot un-subscribe. I do not see it in my business paypal.

    I need to cancel the subscription NOW and refund the 8.95$ that was deducted yesterday.

  20. Rosalina Denacir Machado

    Sr. Ajay Goel , cancelei hoje ,13/12/2017 minha Assinatura de mala diretado Gmail pago paraa GMass.
    Como tive muitas dúvidas ,por favor, espero uma resposta se realmente cancelou.

  21. Nathalia

    E-mail de comando: “” seguido de envio através do botão vermelho “GMAss” simplesmente NÃO FUNCIONA!

    E como vejo nos comentários não funciona para ninguém.

    Que deliiícia de serviço s2

    O que me sugeri?
    Aposto que vai sugerir que eu siga as instruções, adivinhei? 🙂

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Vivek,

      We can’t transfer the subscription from a G Suite to a Gmail address directly as they have different pricing.

      Please email our support team at and our team will assist you in getting a subscription on your Gmail account and canceling the original subscription.

  22. Andy

    Hi thank you for your services but I no longer need Gmass I have sent a cancellation request to but also tried the instructed as well. As soon as I sent to a pop up stated that I must have used pay pal though I do not have a pay pal account and used a credit card please verify to my my account was canceled and I will no longer be charged. thank you for your time and efforts.

  23. Kevin

    Dear Gmass team,

    I subscribed the service product yesterday and my Google account, linked with so many other service products, was blocked early in the morning today after I sent 320+90 email yesterday.

    Google notification became my alarm and the message shocked me as I have only one Google account.

    Anyhow, I think it could be some mistake from my end. I have thus sent you an email and requesting you either help me to transfer the service products to a new Google account if I am lucky enough to create one, otherwise I would request for refund process.

    Please advise.

  24. Luis

    Hi Guys;

    I have cancelled the e-mails of two old members that are no longer part of our start up. Those 2 use to have a gmass / gsuite subscription. I thought that by shuting the gmail account of those accounts i would be also closing the corresponding subscritption of gmass for those accounts. Do i need to do anything else? The fact is because i have closed those accounts I have no longer access to them. Can you please confirm their gmass subscription are also canceled?

  25. Jamie Lewis

    Love the product

    Hate the billing

    I have upgraded subscriptions on one of my organization’s accounts and cancelled the others and spoken with support in the past….

    Yet, since September I have been triple billed. The PayPal cancellation needs further explanation. And support. It’s one thing to let $8.95 slide one month and contact support to resolve AND upgrade… it is another to go back and find you have been billed more than $100 for inactive accounts within your organization.

    Please fix. And Also, please provide clearer instructions to manage subscription upgrades and cancellations in PayPal.

  26. Jill Swarthout

    I have followed the instructions to cancel and I am still being charged. Please contact me to discuss how to cancel and refund for the months I keep getting charged.

  27. john

    I tried to cancel and the email bounced back I DID EXACTLY WHAT IS WRITTEN ON YOUR SIGHT. There is definitely a problem contacting your company. CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION My next step is to get in touch with the better business bureau and call the credit card company.What a scam!

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi John,

      You received that message because Gmail tried to send an email to an email address that does not exist. That indicates that you have clicked the Gmail send button instead of the GMass button.

      Our cancelation instructions are clear to indicate that you must click on the red GMass button when processing your cancelation. Clicking on the GMass button sends a command to GMass and not directly sending an email when the cancelation address is entered into the TO field of your compose window.

      Cancellations are self-service.

      You may review the directions here:

  28. Y.C

    I cannot cancel my subscription via email! It says: Error details: The account [MyGmail] has NOT been changed, because no active Stripe-based subscription was found. Perhaps you are subscribed via PayPal. If so, you must cancel from inside your PayPal account.

    However, I payed via PayPal where no PayPal account is used (instead, I directly used a credit card). Hence, I cannot cancel it via PayPal.

    It has already automatically charged twice.

    Please help to cancel my subscription!!!


  29. Nancy McConnell-Johnson

    Please cancel my subscription for GMASS. I find that it is to spendy for my needs. I am a volunteer for a non-profit group and there is no budget for this additional expense.

  30. Prabodh Jain

    Ajay, the method provided on this page is not working for me. Am unable to unsubscribe from the Gmass service and am being charged via credit card even though I do not require the Gmass service at present.

    Have emailed you with a couple of reminders. Basically, this being unable to unsubscribe is a cause for frustration.

    Could you reply and help resolve this matter?

    Thank you.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Prabodh,

      Could you send an email to with the error you’re receiving when processing your cancelation?

      I’ve checked our records and we haven’t received any email from this email address regarding your cancelation.

      If you have another email associated with GMass, please send it to us as well to expedite your request.

  31. Bharath

    Hi Ajay.

    As per the thread for unsubscription it says go the gmail compose button and set the to field to and hit the Gmass Red Button.

    When i do these it says Gmass is not connected to the account. Even though it has been.

    How do i cancel my plan.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi John,

      We apologize for any delays in response. But I’m glad I was able to assist you with getting your concerns addressed.

  32. Brennan Davis

    I feel for you, Ajay, and your team. Your instructions are clear and your training is amazing. I hope Gmass users will refer to the Blog to see that they have misjudged you and have inadvertently frustrated themselves by not knowing the how to use/cancel/etc. Gmass.

    My Best to your team.

  33. Matthew

    Hello Ajay, I cant find the Gmass Button anymore. I had it initially in my account but cant find it anymore. I just subscribed and activated about 2 days ago. Please note I have unistall and reinstall the Gmass extension but still no solution.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Matthew,

      Could you send us a list of extensions you’ve also installed in Chrome by emailing our support team at

      It might be a conflict with another extension that’s preventing the GMass button from showing.

  34. Dhawal Shah

    Hi, I have subscribed Premium Gmass with $19.95/month for the month of April 2018. I have subscribed only for a month. But today (June 1st) again USD 19.95 got deducted from my account. Please refund the amount immediately as I haven’t opted your service for this month.

  35. Mark Mahoney

    Everyone here having an issue with Gmass refund policy. TAKE THIS page, go to your bank or paypal – give them a copy. TELL them YOUR ISSUE and how it is sometimes IMPOSSIBLE for refund. They will ding this company’s merchant service.

    Hit them in the wallets – that’s when they pretend to care enough to change something. The FTC etc can’t do anything about it but Visa and Paypal WILL!

    • Mark Mahoney

      Also, show them Ajay and his responses. Show the management/founders actions against people. The smuggness is a red flag to merchant services. Keep that in mind.

      • Marvin Quinsaat

        Hi Mark,

        We’re sorry you do not like our process. Since our system is mostly self-service to keep costs down, a user would simply need to follow the instructions found here:

        Our refund process can easily be done from any account connected to GMass.

        Requesting a refund or canceling a subscription takes no more than 10 seconds on accounts connected to GMass if the directions are followed.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Jubed,

      The email is not getting delivered because the instructions above states to click on the GMass button which sends an action to our system rather than the Gmail send button which sends an email.

      Please see the above instructions on cancelations.

      To request a refund, see:

  36. Aleksandar Mitic


    you have charged my account 3 times in the last two months even though I have cancelled my account.
    Could you please return to my credit card 11,12 EUR and 7,69 EUR from previous month and 12,95 USD from this month and cancel my subscription once again, but this time for real!

    I tried to send an email from GMass on as you explained, but I got “Your GMass request failed. Error details: This account is a free account, so there is no subscription to cancel”

    If you need any additional explanation, please let me know.


    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Aleksander,

      Please contact our support team through with the last 4 digits of the card that’s being charged and its expiry date so we could do a reverse lookup for any existing subscriptions associated with your card.

  37. Joao Martins

    I need a Payment receipt, but it seems to not be simple.

    It’s taking me WAY too long just to get a simple payment receipt… Which could be simply done just by having an email, or ther contact of your support team.

    The Gmass button doesn’t exist on my gmail browser., although I have a gmass account on that specific email account. And I do have a Gmass account since it has been paid from my bank account every month.

    Please solve this.

  38. Manoj Sharma

    kindly refund my payment you just charged me today without notification. i am not using Gmass, now nor I want to use it any more. I don’t want to continue your services, so kindly refund the amount you charged from my card today. and discontinue my services. It was a mistake I subscribed with your gmass services.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      When you subscribe to a monthly service, you have to cancel it when you want to stop paying. If you subscribe to Spotify and don’t listen to any music during the month, they don’t cancel the subscription just because you didn’t listen. They cancel it when you explicitly request to cancel the subscription. The same goes for GMass – we don’t monitor your use of the service, we wait for you to cancel the subscription when you’re ready to. Cancellations are self-service, and the directions are here on this page. These same instructions were sent to you in your welcome email, it’s also available on our pricing page when you signed up, as well as all over our blog and website.

      To request a refund, see: ( )

    • khanzee

      why are you unsubscribing? does this service not provide good service? please tell me. how many emails can you send per day.

  39. Manoj Sharma

    Kindly also confirm that my Gmass account is now deactivated and you will never charge it.
    I want to get confirmation in this regard.
    I already have submitted my cancelation request.
    Kindly check and confirm.

  40. Manoj Sharma

    thanks. Can you also confirm that i will be not charged now from my card as you did this time.
    I need clear confirmation, that now i will be never charged unless i do subscription again myself.
    pleas reply me back urgently. I am very much worried that you may again take out mone from m y account..?

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Manoj,

      Apologies on the delayed response via this thread. I can confirm that your subscription has now been canceled and you will not be charged for GMass relating to this email address unless you resubscribe at a later time.

      Rest assured that your subscription to GMass has been canceled. You should have also received a confirmation email stating the same.

  41. Clifton Jackson

    Seems shady. I’ll block it through my bank. I don’t have an option to send an email with gmass but yall are charging my card.

  42. Bogdan Marinescu

    Hi, I’ve requested a cancellation for my email address a few weeks ago and still got charged on my card a few days ago, can you please look into it and issue a refund?


    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Duy,

      Emails being marked as spam is due to a number of factors which includes but not limited to your domain, your content, and your email address’ reputation. This is all dependent on your recipients’ email provider’spam filters. We have our support team that you could have contacted to assist you in pinpointing what is causing your emails to be sent in spam and what steps you can take to resolve it.

      Paying for a year means that you’re committing to a year and have already tried out our services and saw that it fit your needs. Signing up for a year is optional, we have a monthly subscription as well as a free version that would allow you to send up to 50 emails per rolling 24 hours as a test bed to see how GMass would fit your needs.

  43. A K Singh

    Am unable to cancel my subscription as per mentioned way and amount is getting debited every month.

    Please expedite and confirm.

  44. Gon

    Hello, I have had several gmass accounts but one of them keeps on billing every month and i keep on disputing the credit transactions every single month, please contact me.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Although Gmail accounts (those ending with or are officially limited to 500 emails per day, we have noticed over time that there are other factors that affect the send limits for an account. Age is a huge factor in this, as Google limit accounts to lower sending capacity until the account establishes its credibility. This is a measure to prevent scammers and spammers from opening accounts and sending at full capacity.

      There’s some more information about these limits and factors here: ( )

      We recommend that in situations like yours, users ‘warm up’ their account by sending smaller campaigns over time to establish a reputation for the account and the domain. We don’t want your behaviors to flag Google’s spam detectors and cause bigger problems for you down the line. The more you use your G Suite to send and receive, the more it garners reputation and sets usage behavior resulting in slowly increasing Google imposed sending limits. 

  45. Crystal Tsui

    Your GMass request failed. Error details: You don’t have any email addresses in the To line. See this article for more information.

    I wanted to unsubscribe and stop paying got GMass function. As I registered duplicate.

    But I tried the way u mentioned, still not working.

    Please help me to stop paying and unsubscribe.


    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Kashif,

      We’ve responded to your numerous inquiries. Since you’ve signed up the incorrect account and processing a refund request from another account, our system will not recognize that you are the same person thus erroring out – you would need to request for a refund using our refund process from the account that has the subscription. We’ve responded to your request as to how to which email address you subscribed to GMass, how to transfer it, as well as how to cancel and request for a refund.

  46. Rose Lee


    Sir/ Madam,
    I’m so disappointing on your services. Before that i’m trust Google Gmail so good.

    I has been cancel this service and change the credit card No, since july 2018, your system still charge me on August 2018 and September 2018. I need to cancel my credit card. This make me trouble.

    I cancel through need reinstall the gmass again, but the gmass not allow me to install, how to click the Gmass button to send? Yr system very poor!!!!

    Sir, u may check he transaction, i didn’t use the service after june.

    Can you please refund me the payment back to the credit card.

    I attached with my credit card statement.
    Transaction Date as below:
    25 Sep 2018 RM29.44
    25 Aug 2018 RM29.21
    25 Jul 2018 RM28.60

    Hope to get your reply soon! Thanks!

    Rose Lee Loak Szu

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Rose,

      I’ve responded to your ticket directly. But upon checking, we did not receive a cancellation for your subscription which is why the recurring payment continued. Uninstalling the GMass extension does not cancel your subscription as GMass can be installed/uninstalled freely to allow users to use GMass on multiple PCs.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Tom,

      Upon checking, the last message we’ve received from this email address dates back to August but with regards to your subscription on this email address, I can confirm it has been canceled and that it is under our free version of GMass as of this writing.

  47. abenghal nabil

    hi gmass

    i cancel my subscription in gmass because i want to change my subscription to another account

    change gmail to gsuite account and i want to now if money back to start with gsuite

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Abenghal,

      Unfortunately, we cannot refund a subscription onto a different card. When we issue refunds, we can only do so back to the same card that was used in the original transaction. I did not receive a response to my previous email but have just sent you cancellation instructions and steps to request for a refund.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Abenghal,

      Cancellations are self-service.

      To cancel your GMass subscription, please follow the instructions found in the article above.

  48. Apsar

    Dear sir

    all my mail goes to SPAM,
    then why should i use this GMASS,
    when it was free, 50 mail send. then waist all mail ges to SPAM…
    NO use i lost my time and money….

  49. david

    i have cancelled since oct 26, but u are still deducting $6.95 every month from my credit card. please stop the autopay now. and return the Nov 28 and Dec 28 fee to my credit card.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi David,

      Upon checking, your Google Apps Standard – Monthly subscription on your email address has been canceled. I’ve done a reverse lookup for any subscriptions on the same card and did not find any subscriptions attached to it.

      The screenshot you’ve provided – based on the amount charged – is for a Gmail Minimum subscription. Please contact our support team at so I can assist you directly.

  50. nicole

    I’m trying to cancel my account but it always appear like this “Uh oh, something went wrong. Here is the detailed error: The account …… has NOT been changed, because no active Stripe-based subscription was found. Perhaps you are subscribed via PayPal. If so, you must cancel from inside your PayPal account”
    my account paid via credit card, can anyone help?

  51. Jason

    I see I’m getting billed for gmass on my credit card but I have no idea which email address it is attached to. How do I cancel?

  52. Fatia Kasumu

    Hello! I am a student and I recently signed up for GMass to send mass emails from my student job. However, that was an error on my part. I just learned my school has a program so I paid unknowingly. Would you be willing to refund my money please? I know this is a mistake and I am sorry. If you can I would really appreciate it, since you already had the organization business. Thanks

  53. Musadiq Siddiqui

    Hi Ajay,

    Can you ensure if my subscription related to this gmail account is cancelled since I received no confirmation or anything by following the steps told above. My ID is also blocked by Google after using Gmass.


  54. Rahul bakshi

    Every month my savings account is debited for some gmass account where as I don’t use any such account. Kindly help at the earliest because such fraudulent transactions aren’t welcome.

  55. Howie

    We cancelled our Gmail corporate account and Gmass over a year ago. Our billing department just informed me we have been getting charged all this time for GMass. We don’t have Gmail anymore so I can’t try to cancel AGAIN through the instructions. Please give me instructions to get GMass cancelled immediately!

  56. james masiello

    Hello, last night, 3.30.19, I signed up for GMAil version of GMASS at a monthly fee of $8.95 thinking i signed up for GSUITE . the limitation is 500 emails, but i want 2,000 emails per day.i could not find the G Suite button on the pricing page. I understand their is a way to transfer my subscription from gmail (GMASS) to G Suite (GMASS), is that correct and could you do that for me or walk me thru that please? Thank you very much.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Scott,

      It appears there was an error to the email you first subscribed. We’ve gone ahead and canceled that erroneous subscription and have issued a full refund which you should see reflected in your bank statements in 5-10 days, depending on your bank.

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Ariel,

      To cancel your subscription, please log into your Paypal account and under pre-approved payments, remove the one set for GMass. This will cancel your subscription immediately.

  57. Ron

    PLEASE CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION. I hired a marketing guy for my business and he told me to set up a gmail account and a Gmass subscription. I did this and he send too many emails from the account and it was suspended. I can not access the account to cancel. I’ve tried with another gmail account of mine and it says that the account can not be found. My credit card was just charged again. I DO NOT want this service anymore. PLEASE cancel my account for

  58. Katarina Jovanović

    Hi, Please CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION to Gmass because I do not have access to mail. because Google cancel it. Thank you

    • Marvin Quinsaat

      Hi Katarina,

      Cancellations are self-service.

      To cancel your GMass subscription, please see follow the second set of instructions (2nd image) on how to cancel your subscription from any account you have connected to GMass.

  59. Angela Fisher

    Gmass will not let me cancel the account. I email ed the request as instructed from the team leader account and now the system is saying the email is not the team leader. I have emailed Ajay several times about this and no one is responding. It was such an effort to get us to write a positive review to sign up and now it’s super difficult to cancel. I will call my bank if someone doesn’t respond.

  60. Jason

    Hi –

    I would like to make sure that I am refunded for the purchase of an individual account that I cancelled less than an hour after purchasing.

    I meant to upgrade to a team account rather than adding a single account.

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

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