I’ll soon ask you to subscribe to GMass

It’s been quite a journey. GMass started as my passion project, because I wanted an easy way to send email campaigns from my Gmail account using Gmail’s own interface and Compose Window.
 I wrote the first line of code for GMass in June of 2015 from a hotel room in Honolulu and released the first version of GMass in September of 2015. Since then:
  1. GMass has had over 40,000 signups.
  2. My developers and I have spent over 3,000 hours writing code.
  3. I’ve interacted with over 1,200 users by email, Gchat, iMessage, phone, and Skype.
  4. GMass has sent 42,000,000 emails, all through users’ Gmail accounts.
  5. I’ve invested over $300,000 of my own money into building and marketing GMass.
  6. I’ve launched 31 new features.
  7. I’ve registered and hosted over 800 .xyz and .us domains so that my users can have dedicated tracking domains, at no charge to my users.
The time has come to convert GMass from a free service to a paid service. It’s the only way I can continue building the product, supporting users, and upgrading servers to handle load. I hope that you’ve had an excellent experience with GMass so far and will consider supporting it through a paid account.
I’ll be sending you details on pricing soon, but generally, pricing will range from about $7/month to about $20/month per user, depending on whether you have a regular Gmail or Google Apps account, and whether or not you use auto follow-ups. If your organization is on Google Apps, you’ll also be able to purchase a team-plan for multiple users. I’ve attempted to make pricing affordable for everyone including non-business users, but I will also provide an option for continuing to use GMass without pay in exchange for some promotional help.
If all goes according to plan, I’ll announce a pre-sale in a few days, with the goal of fully converting to a paid system on August 15.
My primary focus over the next couple of weeks will be getting all this ready. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, I’m all ears.
  1. Hi Ajay, Love GMASS and I will subscribe when you decide on pricing! I'm in marketing though and have a suggestion. I think you will have much better success waiting until you have a subscribe/signup system set up and then emailing customers and making it REALLY EASY for them to click the link and start paying you. Sending emails in advance when customers can't sign up is just going to annoy them and they may unsubscribe or stop opening your emails before they have the chance to pay.

  2. Hi Ajay,

    At first i dont feel a valid reason why you should start paid membership so early.

    Secondly even if you want to get paid membership, your pricing is just too high to pay, how much does google charge in Apps, is it not 5 USD per month ??? so how can you be more expensive than google, also you use google resources to send mail.

    Please think about it, i am sure you have a lot to loose, if you dont review your pricing.


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