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New Feature: You can now remove someone from an auto follow-up sequence

  1. how would i cancel the entire followup for all people? do i have to add all email addresses or can i just set the days to zero?

  2. Looks like I can add only around 50 emails, what about more? I literally can't stop whole campaign.

  3. I tried a batch of 55 and it didn't work. I'll try a group of 25 next and see if that does. I have about 6 campaigns but it's hard to tell which campaign the removals are in so I have to paste all emails from people who requested removal into every campaign.

    Hmmmm…..maybe I can just click the "Remove" link in the email? I'll try that and report.

  4. Yes. The easiest way for me to remove these when someone emailed me back as "not interested" was to just go to the email I sent them originally and click on the "Remove Link" I put into the email.

    The ones I just wanted to stop the updates on, I pasted into the stop updates field from an excel spreadsheet, then copied them out of it, put them into a google doc and then put commas in between them. Then I copied all of them and put them back into the update field. Didn't take too long.

  5. If I remove the mail address of someone in the TO field of the draft of GMass Auto Followup Label, he will no longer receive auto follow up sequence ? YES or NO ?

    1. Hi Haik,

      No, you would need to supress that email address for that campaign so that they will no longer receive follow-up emails.

      1. Hi, So I notice the blog and this post doesn’t address this specifically: will adding someone to a dynamic suppression list remove them from auto followup messages (provided they’ve already received the first message) the same as manually adding them to “do not send auto-followup messages” field?

        If not, I would love this as a feature: dynamic suppression list for auto-followup messages. This is because people I add to my list from LinkedIn could reply back from LinkedIn, which I could build a google sheet of people that reply.
        I would like an automated way to remove people from ongoing emails.

        1. Hi Bob,

          Yes, first create your suppression list then GMass it to yourself to save to your account. Then create a follow-up by clicking the @ icon near the search bar to setup your auto follow-up and before scheduling your campaign, add the suppression list. Please contact our support team through http://gmass.co/g/support if you need detailed instructions so we can assist you directly.

  6. Let’s say that the original and possibly auto followup messages have gone out, but the recipient has not not replied, if I send a manual message to this recipient at that point, will that by any chance stop further auto-followup messages from going out?

    1. ERROR IN FUNCTION: I manually added an email to the do not reply list, and the guy kept getting emails from me. This was someone who replied to me through outreach I made to his website, but I also has him in a GMASS campaign to many others too.

      I entered his email and entire domain just to be safe, but it led to him changing his mind in working with me and was not happy I wast sending follow up emails, and it looked like a bunch of spam messages then which led to me going down in his estimations.

      Whats the problem with this?

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    1. Hi Ron,

      Thank you for the recommendation. We’re actually looking into this and hopefully, have it as a feature in our roadmap ahead.

  8. If I delete email from the google sheet used for the campaign, will that delete the contact from the automatic followup?

    1. Hi Eric,

      Unfortunately, that list is automatically populated with your recent campaigns. At this time we don’t have the option to manage that list (remove/reorganize)

  9. I tried to cancel an auto follow up to someone (who was really upset) and I wanted to cancel all follow-ups to his domain.

    Without revealing the actual name of the company I put this in the DONOTSEND tag:-


    Dave@microsoft.com received an email the next day!!

    I have checked the above and it seems you have to remove the @ sign when it’s for a whole domain. Perhaps that could be added as it’s more intuitive to put the @ sign for a whole domain too and it will avoid these kinds of mistakes!

    1. Hi,

      What GMass does is if you want to remove an entire domain is to just add the domain into the list alongside the individual email addresses as is. We’ve done this so that it’s easier to remember that to add an email address to your suppression, you would just need to list them, and if you would like to add an entire domain to a suppression you would just need to list the domains without any extra symbols to remember.

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