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We are no longer providing dedicated tracking domains, but you can still create your own

We have decided to sunset our program where we provide dedicated tracking domains to users who are unable to set one up based on their own domain. We’ve written extensively about the importance of tracking domains, and we’ve registered thousands of domains for users so that all users who wanted one could have a dedicated tracking domain, at no cost to the user, but we have decided to stop doing this because:

  1. The logistics of managing thousands of domains has become very difficult. Registering them and keeping track of renewals is time consuming.
  2. The renewal costs for domains has become cost-prohibitive. Typically we chose inexpensive domain extensions like .us, .info, and .website, where we’d be able to register a domain for a user for as little as $0.88 USD, but while registration is inexpensive, the renewal in the subsequent year is often $8 USD or more. Since we’ve never charged users for a dedicated tracking domain, the renewal cost is too much to bear.
  3. While using a dedicated tracking domain is still important to protect your reputation from that of all other GMass users and achieve high deliverability, we think that it’s much easier, and better for your reputation, if you set this up based on your own domain or register a new one from scratch.

Along with no longer registering domains for users, we will also be letting existing tracking domains that were provided by us to our users, to expire. In order to coordinate a seamless transition back to the GMass shared tracking domains, and so that open and click tracking continues to work seamlessly for your email campaigns, we will be removing the dedicated tracking domain assignment from your accounts approximately one month BEFORE the domain expires, so that the lag time between when the most recent campaign with the tracking domain was sent and when the domain expires is enough that it won’t affect people clicking on links.

Register a tracking domain from scratch

Here is how you can register a new domain from scratch, if you are unable to modify the DNS settings for your existing domain.

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