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You can now share campaign reports with other users

If you have team members, whether internal or external to your organization, with whom you would like to share your GMass Campaign-level Reports, you can now do that. By sharing reports with others, every time a report is updated under your GMass Reports –> [CAMPAIGNS] Label, each person with whom you are sharing will get the same updated report in his/her account.

To share your campaign reports:

In this example, I am sharing my campaign reports with john@wordzen.com.
  1. Click Compose to launch a new window.
  2. Set the To field to share@gmass.co.
  3. Set the Subject to the email address of the account with whom you wish to share your reports. My email address is ajay@wordzen.com and I want to share my reports with john@wordzen.com, so I would set the Subject to john@wordzen.com.
  4. Hit the GMass button. Do not hit the Send button.

To revoke access to your campaign reports:

Follow the same procedure as above except set the To field to revoke@gmass.co.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does sharing my reports with another user give them any other access to my Gmail account?

A: No. Sharing your reports only sends a copy of your campaign-level reports to them. People you share with cannot see anything in your Gmail account, nor can they send GMass campaigns on your behalf.

Q: Can I share my reports with people who don’t use Gmail?

A: No. You can only share reports with existing GMass users, and all GMass users obviously have Gmail accounts.

Q: Can I share my reports with people who aren’t paying GMass subscribers?

A: Yes. You can share reports with any other GMass users, whether they have free accounts or paid accounts.

Q: How can I see everyone I’m currently sharing reports with?

A: If you’re sharing reports, then each campaign report in GMass Reports –> [CAMPAIGNS] will have a section at the bottom detailing with whom the report is being shared.


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