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Specifying Cc or Bcc addresses when using GMass

We just made a change to GMass. Before, if you specified a Cc or Bcc address, and then sent via GMass, the Cc and Bcc addresses were ignored and only the addresses in the To line received the email message.

Now, however, after user requests, we’ve added Cc and Bcc functionality such that any addresses specified as a Cc or Bcc will receive a copy of every individual sent email. For example, if you’re sending via GMass to five recipients, and you set a Cc address, the Cc address will receive all 5 emails.

In the example above, the email is set to send to the eight recipients in the To line. If sent via GMass, each of the eight recipients will receive an individual, personalized email, and the Cc address will receive all eight email messages as well.

Update February 2016: See our corresponding blog post on confusion between the To and Cc/Bcc fields.

  1. I don't want every 1800 people to get a copy of 1800 emails or to see the others replying to me. Is there a way to prevent this? Seems to me if Everyone is in the two then they will see it's gone out to everyone else too.. is this correct?

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