Unlimited Mail Merge Campaigns in Gmail: Official Launch

GMass Flying EmailsToday is the official launch of our feature that allows you to send a mail merge of unlimited size in Gmail. I previously announced this feature in beta and have perfected the feature over the last couple of weeks with feedback from several hundred test users. The most noticeable differences with our launch today, compared to our beta launch a couple weeks ago are that now:

  • Once you’ve connected an SMTP service to your account, you can choose to use it on a per-campaign basis. Previously, once it was set, all emails from your account would send through it rather than your Gmail account. Now you can selectively choose which campaigns are sent via SMTP and which are sent via your Gmail account.
  • Now there is a formal process to request to use our SMTP service, which is a Sendgrid account, if you don’t want to set up your own.

How can you send unlimited email from your Gmail account?

You can connect your GMass account to any external SMTP server. This will make it so your emails are sent from that server and not from your actual Gmail account, although everything will look as normal inside your Gmail account. Meaning, each email message will still show up in your Sent Mail folder, and GMass will still be able to track replies, bounces, and everything that happens after you send an email campaign.

Step 1: Getting an account with an SMTP service

Option 1: Getting your own SMTP service

An SMTP server is simply an email sending server. There are many well-known SMTP service providers, including Sendgrid, JangoSMTP, Mailgun, Mailjet, and others. Pricing for the SMTP services range from free plans which let you send a few hundred emails/day to around $20 USD/month for thousands of emails/month. Each service has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you’re free to use any SMTP service you like.

In our testing, we’ve found that Sendgrid and JangoSMTP are the two SMTP services that are most compatible with GMass, because of their flexibility in not requiring domain-based verification in order to start relaying email through them.

Option 2: Request to use our Sendgrid account

If you’re sending strictly low-volume non-commercial email, you might be eligible to use our Sendgrid account as your SMTP service. We are strict with our requirements and rather choosy about who we let use our account, so please don’t take offense if we deny your request. Additionally, it can take a couple days for us to review your request, since we manually review every user’s sending history to determine if you are eligible to use our account. Still, if you’d like to request to use our Sendgrid SMTP account because you’re sending low-volume non-commercial, email, here’s how to make that request.

Request to use GMass's SMTP service
You can request to use our SMTP service if you don’t want to create your own SMTP account.
  1. Click Compose to launch a new window.
  2. Set the To field to smtp@gmass.co.
  3. Set the Subject to the word request.
  4. Hit the GMass button. Do not hit the Send button.

We’ll be notified of your request and will email you as soon as we complete our review. If approved, your account will be linked to our Sendgrid account. We won’t provide you with the username/password to our Sendgrid account, but behind the scenes, your account will be linked to it.

Step 2: Linking your GMass account to the SMTP service

GMass SMTP Configuration
Configure your GMass account to send via an external SMTP server instead of your Google account. The Sendgrid credentials show above are not real.
  1. First, reload Gmail in your Chrome browser to make sure you have the latest version of GMass.
  2. Click Compose to launch a new window.
  3. Set the To field to smtp@gmass.co.
  4. Set the Subject to the word set. Wait a second for the form to appear in the Message area.
  5. Enter the SMTP server, port, username, and password after the colons.
  6. Hit the GMass button. Do not hit the Send button.

Step 3: Sending a campaign through the SMTP server

Gmail Mail Merge SMTP
Choose whether to send a campaign via the SMTP server or via your Gmail account.

You’ll notice a new option in the GMass Settings box that allows you to set, on a per-campaign basis, whether the emails should be routed through the SMTP server for unlimited sending, or through your Google account, in which case you’d be subject to Gmail’s sending limits.

Note: This option will only appear if you have connected an SMTP account to GMass.

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