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Updates made to our Gmail Mail Merge Extension

It’s time to reload Gmail in Chrome because in addition to launching automated recurring email campaigns, we’ve made several improvements to the look and feel of GMass.

1. The Build Email List magnifying glass button next to the Gmail Search bar will now be hidden unless you’ve searched for something. Meaning now, there will only be two buttons presents when you first load Gmail instead of three.

2. Canceling a scheduled campaign is now much easier than before. Whereas before you had to find the campaign under the GMass Scheduled Label, and remove the Label from the Draft, now all you have to do is find the campaign in the GMass Scheduled Label, and click the Settings arrow, and then click the Cancel button.

3. We’ve added a splash of color to the GMass Settings panel, that shows better visual separation of functions. The light green area are all options to modify the Subject/Message of your email.

4. If you open up a scheduled campaign from the GMass Scheduled Label, you will immediately get a status of the campaign in the yellow status bar at the top of Gmail. In some cases, the status disappeared before you could finish reading it. Now, the campaign status will remain longer.

5. The Suppression dropdown menu is now collapsed by default, and you must hit the plus sign (+) to expand it to reveal the dropdown menu. This makes for a cleaner UI.

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