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Why your Gmail account becomes inaccessible when sending a big mail merge campaign

If you’ve ever been locked out of your Gmail account while sending a large mail merge campaign, you’re not alone, and don’t be alarmed. It’s normal Gmail behavior, and you’ll be able to use your account just as soon as sending is complete. During a large mail merge with Gmail, you might see this message telling you “the system encountered a problem” if you’re already in your account:

You may see this “Oops” message when trying to check your email while a big mail merge campaign is sending.

Or, if you’re trying to reload Gmail in the browser, you might see this “Temporary Error” message:

If you reload Gmail during a big mail merge, you might see this screen.

Why does this happen?

Gmail wasn’t originally meant for sending mail merge campaigns or email marketing campaigns. GMass has finagled Gmail to make it possible, but Gmail’s User Interface isn’t able to process all the network activity that takes place during a mass email send. Whenever you send an email in Gmail, your browser makes several requests to the Gmail server in order to update the User Interface on screen in front of you. When sending hundreds or thousands of individual emails, the User Interface can’t keep up with this network activity. Therefore, in order to protect itself from even more network activity, it withholds your access until sending of the email campaign is finished.

  1. I am a new subscriber. I sent a email to Mr. Ajay Gole regarding my first mailing as follows. I never received a response. Please advise.

    Dear Mr. Goel:

    I subscribed and used GMass for the first time yesterday. I found the system quite remarkable for my needs. However, I placed 270 some emails in the email address “To” and only 100 were sent. Additionally, I assumed those sent would be stored. I spent a good bit of time researching those addresses. Other than those sent, I have no record of those not sent.

    1. Is there a way to retrieve those email addresses not sent?

    2 I have over 7000 email addresses that I would like to upload in the future with. Will Gmass sort those in groups of 490 and send them on the following 15 or so successive days?

    I appreciate your time and consideration.

    Sincere regards,

    1. Hi David,

      Upon checking, the first campaign you sent after doing the test campaigns, GMass only found 100 unique email addresses. The sent emails are stored in your Sent Folder. You can view the complete list of recipients by going into your GMass Reports -> [CAMPAIGNS] label and clicking the download link in the line item “Total Recipients”.

      1. Yes, you may download a CSV of all recipients in a particular campaign by going into your GMass Reports -> [CAMPAIGNS] label and clicking the download link in the line item “Total Recipients”.

      2. Yes, GMass will send up to your account’s daily sending limit until everyday until all emails have been set for the campaign.

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