The Gmail Genius #36 – 4 things you can do right now for a better Gmail inbox in 2019

4 foolproof rules for taming your inbox in 2019
JR Raphael, Gmail Genius extraordinaire, has a primer on his top inbox management tips.

What 290 cold emails teach us about sales & marketing in 2019
Eye-opening data (and takeaways) from the Drift team. Yes, when it comes to cold emails, personalization is key, but they also saw plenty of automated emails with very high reply rates.

How to make sure your emails give the right impression
A good checklist to ensure your emails are on point this year.

How I Email: Sam Parr, Co-Founder and CEO, The Hustle

Sam Parr, the brains behind The Hustle, the daily tech and business new email, shared his thoughts on inbox management, cold emails, and why he loves getting emails from J. Crew. Here’s an excerpt:

Cold email was so important to creating The Hustle. … Sometimes it took 10 or 20 times before I received a reply and it required constant follow up. I followed this process for years and it really paid off. Everyone is constantly amazed at the people I know, and it is all because of cold emailing and following up religiously.

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How I Email: Curt Steinhorst, Consultant and Author

Curt Steinhorst is the founder of Focuswise, a consultancy that helps workplaces minimize distraction while facilitating communication. He also happens to be a Wordzen user. Curt shared how he uses it to be more productive. Read about Curt’s email habits…