The Gmail Genius #34 – How to eliminate email anxiety and take control of your inbox (backed by science)

The 6 rules of email: how to eliminate email anxiety and take control of your inbox today (backed by science)
The six very useful evidence-based email guidelines are well worth the read.

Email signatures that convert: 25 examples & how to create your own
Adding a photo to a digital signature has shown to increase response rate by 32 percent, according to this tip-filled article.

There’s one thing about the new Gmail that’s actually good
The writer sings the praise of Gmail’s Nudge feature.

How I Email: Dorie Clark, Marketing and Branding Strategist

Dorie Clark, a marketing strategy consultant, adjunct professor of business administration at Duke, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, says that understanding your schedule is key to being on top of email. Here’s an excerpt:

A lot of research has shown that your willpower and ability to focus decrease throughout the day. That’s why a lot of people suggest you do your most important tasks first, such as working on a book, and turn to email later. This is a good principle, but I think sometimes it gets erroneously applied…

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How I Email: Jay Acunzo, Author, Break the Wheel

In his book, “Break the Wheel” and Damn the Best Practices newsletter, Jay Acunzo, who has worked for Google and HubSpot, aims to inspire you to be an original and create your own roadmap. We talked about how this applies to inbox management. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

If you want to know how to handle email better, start by understanding your context better: What you’re trying to achieve in your work, what others expect or want from you in reality (you may think it’s a reply; maybe it’s actually results from your work, which means putting off the reply they think they want); and the resource constraints that make up your reality.

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