The Gmail Genius Issue #18 – How emailing like a CEO can relieve your inbox woes

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I tried emailing like a CEO and quite frankly, it made my life better
BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos says that using “boss email” style — defined by nearly immediate, but short and terse replies — helped her email productivity (at work and personally) in a big way.

These are the four biggest email problems (and how to fix them)
Sending an email to a lot of recipients but want to prevent a reply-all death spiral? The advice to be proactive and give direction in your subject line is a good one.

Here’s superwoman Beyonce’s surprising e-mail address strategy
Well, this is diligent: Beyonce reportedly changes her email address every week to maintain the sanctity of her inbox.

How I Email: Sam Rosen, Co-Founder and CEO, DeskPass

Sam, co-founder and boss dude of the subscription coworking service DeskPass, says when it comes to his inbox, he is “strict and obsessed.” He told us about a few can’t-live-without tools and strategies and says people who break the “monotony of normal fucking email” are gold. 

Here’s an excerpt: 

I used to use a tool called SaneBox when I just used Gmail’s interface. SaneBox is awesome just because it’s machine learning and it gets good at taking the not-important crap out of your inbox.

Now I use a tool called Newton, which is like a local email client that I use on my computer and my phone. After you send an email, Newton allows you to have it come back up in your inbox on a certain date if it hasn’t been replied to. I rely on that heavily.

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