The Gmail Genius Issue #19 – Little-known Gmail searches

These Gmail searches will dig up stuff you never knew you missed
An excellent compilation of advanced email search queries, including a solid unsubscribe shortcut.

I blocked my email to avoid distraction and kind of became the dude from ‘Limitless’
Men’s Health writer Markham Heid describes a four-week experiment in which he modified his routine to only check email once or twice a day. “That first week was a slog, and the second was nearly as tough. But by Week 3 of my new routine, I noticed a change,” Heid writes.

Email is broken. Can anyone fix it? 
This Wired article looks at some of the interesting ways people are trying to improve email

How I Email: Margot Boyer-Dry, Founder, Lorem Ipsum 

We riff on email with Margot Boyer-Dry, founder and author of the Lorem Ipsum newsletter, which covers culture. Named a newsletter you’ll actually be glad to see in your inbox by WNYC, Margot’s distinctive tone reads like your edgy, but ever-so-with-it cousin from Brooklyn (which is why we figured she’d make for a fun interview). Margot, who is in constant email contact with readers, says a full inbox is like a “box of treasures.”

From the interview:

All the Inbox Zero people I know are mathematicians, or at least quantitative people. I’m not that. If you are a person who needs stuff in view to remember to do it, leave your inbox full! Keep those unread to remind yourself that you have to do something about them. I think that’s totally legitimate.

I’m a creative person, therefore I get to have a messy inbox. I don’t lose stuff; I’m a responsible responder, and I think it’s okay. Welcome to the club– no more inbox shaming.

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