The Gmail Genius Issue #20 — How to avoid an inbox flood after the holidays

Is there an easy way to delete masses of emails in Gmail?
Thinking of using the holidays a time to regain control over your inbox? Here are some guidelines on how to get rid of the fat efficiently.

How to avoid a flooded inbox when you return from the holidays
One thing this Fast Company article suggests is to stop sending emails 72 hours before your break.

Emailing while you’re on vacation is a quick way to ruin company culture
Every email sent by a vacationing employee is a tiny cultural erosion: a signal to other employees that time off isn’t really time off.

How I Email: Careful Cents’ Carrie Smith Nicholson 

This week’s Q&A is with Carrie Smith Nicholson, girl boss behind the popular Careful Cents blog, who recently wrote about reaching Inbox Zero. 

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

One of my email pet peeves is when individuals or companies have large email signatures with graphics or images. This can really slow down inboxes and make the format look wonky on mobile. It’s also very distracting. I know that email signatures are important, but I prefer to keep things simple and clean with just a bit of text.

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