The Gmail Genius Issue #21 — How email open tracking quietly took over the web

How email open tracking quietly took over the web
Marketing and online sales—even spammers—are no longer responsible for the bulk of the tracking. It’s the major tech companies.

The 7-step guide to achieving Inbox Zero—and staying there—in 2018
This article focuses more on achieving “email enlightenment,” as the writer puts it, rather that rigidly focusing on Inbox Zero. It offers some good mindset strategies and tool suggestions.

How to follow up with acquaintances who ignore your emails (without being annoying)
Really want someone to respond to your frickin’ email? Some templates to help you “navigate the muddy waters of following up with someone who isn’t responding to you.”

How I Email: Katie Notopoulos, Senior Editor, BuzzFeed News 

This week’s Q&A is with Katie Notopoulos who covers tech and internet culture for BuzzFeed News.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

I use Gmail for web, and the tabbed inbox. I use a lot of filters and labels to help sort things. This is particularly helpful for labeling emails that get sent to a group email address at work – that way I can immediately see at a glance if the boss is emailing me directly (urgent!) or emailing the whole team (less urgent).

I also use Streak, which is a tracker that tells you when someone has opened your email. I’d recommend it with caution – there’s some security/privacy stuff about it that makes me nervous (it basically asks for access to read and write emails). But in my line of work, it has proven extremely helpful to know if someone has received and opened my emails.

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