The Gmail Genius #37 – Data-backed ways to spend less time on email

How to spend way less time on email every day
This Harvard Business Review article offers five data-backed ways to save time in your inbox. It also offers interesting stats along the way, for example: about 10% of total email time is spent filing messages.

How to use Gmail contacts to be a prolific (and generous) networker
Google contact groups let you ascribe multiple labels to each of your contacts. This is super duper helpful for more purposeful connections.

Don’t reply to your emails
This article makes the case of “inbox infinity” and generated tons of buzz. Friend of The Gmail Genius John Zeratsky is quoted.

How I Email: Nisha Chittal, Engagement Editor,

Nisha Chittal leads the team responsible for audience growth and engagement at A media strategy dynamo, she was named to Forbes “30 Under 30” in Media in 2016. We discussed her love of the tabbed inbox and newsletter preferences. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation:

Four or five years ago when I didn’t have Slack, I relied exclusively on email for communication so the volume of email was a lot higher for me back then. … I think Slack has made people more thoughtful about what merits sending an email. So the emails I do send tend to be more important or longer.

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How I Email: Jessica Lawlor, CEO, Jessica Lawlor & Company

Jessica Lawlor lives and breathes all things PR, marketing, and personal branding. She’s an email enthusiast and offers some tips for using email to enhance your personal brand. Read the rest…