The Gmail Genius Issue #14 – Ashton Kutcher’s simple yet brilliant email strategy

Google is plugging some handy new add-ons directly into Gmail

This week Google took the wonderful step of adding tools that users can add and access without even leaving their Gmail inbox.

I read every email I received for a week. Here is what I learned

An interesting experiment leads to some noteworthy insights — especially if you use email for marketing.  

Ashton Kutcher’s simple yet brilliant email strategy

Kutcher says he focused on the “outgoing, outbound stuff … what I want everyone else to do for me” before responding to the stuff that shows up in his inbox.

Inbox Exposed: Seth Kravitz, CEO of Phlearn

A fixture of Chicago’s entrepreneurship community, Seth Kravitz co-founded Technori, the event and media company for Chicago startups. He led Technori for a few years following the acquisition of, which he launched with a business partner while still in college. These days, he’s CEO at Phlearn, which offers Photoshop, Lightroom, and photography tutorials.

In the interview, Seth, who swears by Inbox by Google, discusses the mindset shift that altered the way he processes his inbox:

“Understanding that email is more of a to-do list and less of a place to have conversations helped me gain control over my inbox.

There are so many tools you can use optimize and automate like, Rapportive, Gmelius, Boomerang, GMass, etc… You can subscribe to methodologies like Inbox Zero or even commit email bankruptcy once a month if you like. But none of that matters if you are treating every email like it’s a conversation.”

Read the full interview here.