The Gmail Genius Issue #15 – Do your email habits annoy people?

Amazon’s best-kept secret? Alexa could kill email overload by 2020

Inc. Contributing Editor John Brandon wants to cut down on the amount of time he spends on email — don’t we all? He makes the case that Alexa could be the gatekeeper to help us do just that.

6 annoying email habits that ruin productivity and destroy trust

Do you email more than one person at a time when, really, you need to reach out to the one appropriate person to get the answer you need? That and other faux pas are among some of the common email behaviors that annoy this writer.

How to cut all of your emails in half (so people actually read them)

Really practical advice on how to keep it brief.

Inbox Exposed: Amol Sarva, CEO and Co-Founder of Knotel

Amol Sarva has co-founded several startups including Virgin Mobile USA, Peek, Halo Neuroscience, and Knotable. He currently serves as the head of Knotel, which offers companies “headquarters as a service.” Amol is also the founder of Inbox Awesome, a conference on the future of email, messaging and productivity.

Inbox Awesome takes place next week on November 9th in Brooklyn. Readers of The Gmail Genius can get 25% off the ticket price — register here and use the code GMASS to get the discount.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

The vast majority of my reading and writing these days is now happening on my phone, and the app I use is Mail. I don’t find any of the other apps better and faster, unfortunately. I’m waiting for one that makes it worthwhile to switch.

Read the full interview to learn more about how neuroscience can help you manage your inbox.