The Gmail Genius Issue #16 – Read the email that immediately scored one man a job offer

Your best ways to say ‘Sorry, I’m out of the office’

The New York Times has an excellent roundup of readers’ best autoresponders, which could be very useful around this time of year.

Read the email that immediately scored one man a job offer

The benefits of a well-written email really are endless.

This email hack helps Ryan Seacrest finish work each day by 6:30 p.m

Seacrest juggles a lot — but you won’t find him typing long emails. He swears by keeping emails very brief.

Inbox Exposed: Amy Scott, Nomad-in-Chief at Nomadtopia

In 2004, Amy Scott left her job as an editor at a travel publishing company in San Francisco to travel around the world. It turned out to be the start of an ongoing journey as Amy embraced being a nomad. She started Nomadtopia to provide resources and community for others seeking to build or expand on nomadic or location-independent lifestyles.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

I’ve tried out many of the tools that are supposed to help you get a handle on your inbox, like SaneBox and, and I discovered that I didn’t like having a tool take control of my inbox! Instead, I manage email overload by having a separate email address (that forwards to my main email) just for newsletters, orders, online registration, and so on.

Read the full interview to learn how Amy recommends frequent travelers juggle email across time zones.

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