The Gmail Genius Issue #17 – What happened when I used Gmail’s ‘Smart Reply’ for a week

15 tips for organizing your Gmail

Want to use some holiday downtown to do a digital declutter? This slideshow has some useful ideas.

How to use the ‘wrinkle method’ to get people to respond to your emails

When a message goes above and beyond what someone expects, they’ll be more likely to respond, writes email expert Danny Rubin (who has been interviewed in The Gmail Genius). Danny gives two exact emails illustrating what he means.

I used Gmail’s ‘Smart Reply’ in every email for a week

“Depressingly, it worked very well.”

We’re working on a few changes behind the scenes here at The Gmail Genius… we promise to share more soon! There are no new interviews this week, but here are some you might have missed:

Ryan Robinson — Inbox Zero fanatic and super long cold email hater

Saya Hillman — Perfect Time Unicorn denier

Sarah K. Peck — Slow email

Also, the interview we did with Washington Post reporter Sarah Pulliam Bailey and self-proclaimed Canned Responses lover was picked up on Thrive — pretty sweet.

We’re going to take next week off for Thanksgiving, but we’ll back to our regular Thursday issues the following week — November 30th. By the way, what do you think so far? Are you enjoying The Gmail Genius? Learning stuff? Think we could do better or do something different?

Reach out anytime at – we’re listening!

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