The Gmail Genius Issue #2 – Sent an email you regret? Here’s how to unsend it

You can unsend emails in Gmail — here’s how to do it

No need to even explain why you need this or how great a feature it is. Thank you Alexis Kleinman for showing us how.

New study: This is the one email mistake that’s unforgivable (don’t let !t happen to you)

Over at Ladders, Monica Torres lists the email mistakes that users despise in the workplace. Of course typos are an issue, but the survey found that people see a misspelling as less forgivable than a wrong attachment.

4 Chrome extensions that make you more productive in Gmail

Tech productivity expert Michael Ansaldo has a few (mostly free) recommendations for extensions that will help limit the time you spend on email.

How to clean out your Gmail account and start again from scratch

Even though Gmail gives all users 15GB of space, sometimes you just need to start over. Gizmodo’s David Nield has a step-by-step on how to cut your email losses.


Inbox Exposed: Sol Orwell, Entrepreneur and Blogger


Read on for an excerpt from our chat with Sol Orwell, co-founder of the nutrition and supplement website, who says email is just like social media.

Do you have a system for how you manage your inbox?

To me, email is a triage situation because I have employees that deal with specific tasks. My email is mostly about sending it to the correct person who can then deal with what needs to be done. I generally subscribe to Inbox Zero [mentality]– if there’s an email in my inbox, it’s something to be dealt with. Otherwise, I use something like Boomerang to get it out of my inbox until I am ready to deal with it.

I am decently protective about my email address; it’s not listed anywhere. There are contact forms in front of it, and that helps minimize spam. It also seems like I change my email or I add a new email every couple of years, which then kind of resets a lot of the incoming junk. Finally, I’m very, very, very fastidious about reporting stuff as spam, unsubscribing, and going to the ends of the earth to make sure people stop emailing me.

Do you have email influences? Who or what has shaped your approach?

The one thing I do — that I believe I got from Dan Martell — is any newsletter subscriptions, I send automatically to another folder. I don’t want them to get stuck in spam. I don’t know if you’ve heard actually — just in the past few days, there’s been a lot of hullaballoo about how Gmail has been filtering out newsletter emails a lot more aggressively. A lot of people have reported their open rates have gone down by as much as 50 percent. I just push them all into one folder, so that if I have some down time, let’s say five minutes before a meeting, or if I’m really burned out and I just need a mental break (I’m doing the Pomodoro Technique, for example) — then I’ll just cruise those newsletters. So [those newsletters] are almost like my distractions.

For the most part, I’ve structured my approach on a personal level.

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