Cold Email Insights #10

Hey everyone,

With 2020 drawing to a close, you might think the time for outreach has come and gone. But that’s certainly not the case! Sometimes as people ease into this quieter business period, they’re less inundated and more open to cold outreach.

To help you with that, we’ve got some great stuff to keep your cold emails flowing and getting results.

On to this week’s newsletter…

🧠 Brain Power

When you’re reaching out to a new prospect who has no idea who you are, your cold email opening is critical or you’re toast. Here are 5 easy steps for starting your cold email.

Using cold email to sell a high-priced product or service? This post details a cold email strategy the resulted in 80-90% open rates.

⚒️ Resources 🔗

More templates! This resource offers 100+ cold email templates that you can use (and edit!) for your outbound email campaigns.

Drumroll please… GMass’ free email verification service is back! You can verify your email addresses while sending, or separately from sending. If you verify your email addresses while sending, you can substantially minimize the bounces you get back to your inbox.

🚨 Cold Email of the Week 📧

Okay, we’ve got something a little different this week. This cold email is pretty good, but still misses the mark on a few key things. First, take a look:

Good thing about this email: It’s personalized and clearly well researched.

Things that could be better: No clear CTA and the subject line isn’t super strong. See more analysis over here.

And that’s it for this week!

I hope you enjoyed issue #10.

Ajay Goel