Cold Email Insights #12

Hey everyone,

There is a lot to get to in this issue — best days for cold email (it might not be what you think), average cold email response rates, proven cold email templates, and of course, the cold email of the week (this one is pretty bad!).

On to this week’s newsletter…

🧠 Mondays are for Cold Email

Best day to send cold emails? Mondays are a pretty solid bet. Autoklose analyzed over 683,000 cold emails and found that B2B cold emails sent on Mondays received an average open rate of 18.83% — other days of the week came in lower.

Want to evaluate your cold email game? A new post on GMass’ blog breaks down the average cold email response rate as well as what you can do to improve the response rate to your messages.

⚒️ 7 Proven Cold Email Templates 🔗

These guys crafted a cold email to Jordan Belfort, the guy featured in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Watch them pull the email together.

This post offers 7 proven cold emails that generate sales for service companies, whether you work in creative design, software development, marketing, social media, or other industries.

🚨 Cold Email of the Week 📧

Somehow this landed in someone’s inbox:

Personalization is great, but only when you actually personalize. Something clearly went wrong with the send of this email, but it’s a good reminder to double-check all the little details before you hit send.

And that’s it for this week!

I hope you enjoyed issue #12.

Ajay Goel