Cold Email Insights #13

Hey everyone,

A good cold email is a simple cold email, as you’ll see in the Cold Email of the Week.

But the technical side of things (like how you actually send an email campaign) is really important too. GMass recently released the Email Deliverability Wizard to put an end to the guessing and provide you with real-world data so you can boost your cold email deliverability.

Before we get to that, the most clicked link from the last newsletter was: 7 cold email scripts for agencies that actually generate sales.

On to this week’s newsletter…

🧠 Cold Email Prospecting

On a new podcast, Josh Braun, the founder of Sales DNA, offers practical tips for cold email prospecting and improving your outreach response rate.

Speaking of response rate… A post on GMass’ blog breaks down the average cold email response rate as well as what you can do to improve the response rate to your messages.

⚒️ Proven Templates 🔗

Using cold email to get clients? Then you’ll want to provide a few valuable ideas upfront related to the services and tailored around your prospect’s business goals. To adapt this format, check out these templates.

If you’ve been at the cold email thing for a while, you’ve probably wondered how your open rates stack up. You might have also thought about whether it makes sense to send a cold email campaign through an SMTP service.

You can now get data-driven answers to all of these questions using real-time information culled from GMass. Check out the Email Deliverability Wizard.

🚨 Cold Email of the Week 📧

Harry Dry, the whiz behind the highly addictive Marketing Examples website, has a great visual of what a good cold email should look like:

Whenever possible, simple is the way to go.

I hope you enjoyed issue #13.

Ajay Goel