Cold Email Insights #15

Hey everyone,

We have a few items to help you with that critical cold email follow-up. The success of your outreach depends greatly on good follow-up, which is why we’ve included a post with 5 follow-up templates.

Read until the end to see an example of a horrible cold email follow-up in the Cold Email of the Week.

But before that, the most clicked link from last time was: How to 10x Cold Email Conversions Before Hitting Send

On to this week’s newsletter…

🧠 Cold Email That Started a $100M/Year Company ⚡

Before WP Engine became a $100 million WordPress company, its founder Jason Cohen sent cold emails to acquire early customers. Here’s the email that helped him get his first 30 customers.

On an episode of Outbound Metrics, an agency owner in a very specific niche details his 6-step cold outreach sequence for landing 3-4 meetings per week. And yes, the prospects are highly qualified.

⚒️ 5 Templates To Crush Cold Email Follow-up 🔗

Can you cold email your way to a five-figure deal? In a Twitter thread, content marketer Brooklin Nash shared the exact text of the cold email he sent that landed him a $25k contract.

For cold email to be effective, follow-up is critical. (You knew that right?!)  Sending just one follow-up message to qualified leads can boost your reply rate by as much as 27%. In a blog post, we offer tips for writing an excellent sales follow-up email. Plus, we’ve got 5 templates to help you get started.

🚨 Cold Email of the Week 📧

This cold email is absolutely cringeworthy. Don’t do this:

I don’t think we need to cover why this follow-up email is bad for anything except a good laugh (thanks Marc Thomas). But if getting a fake tattoo is on your list of email follow-up strategies, you might want to reconsider.

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I hope you enjoyed issue #15.

Ajay Goel