Cold Email Insights #16

Hey everyone,

I have some really exciting news this week.

After weeks of development and relentless research, GMass launched a free email warm-up service. Several email warm-up services already exist, but I found flaws and room for improvement in these systems. Apart from offering a free tool, there are some other important ways that our cold email warm-up differs from the stuff already out there.

More on that below.

On to this week’s newsletter…

🧠 3 High-Converting Cold Email Templates ⚡

GMass recently released our own Ultimate Guide to Cold Email. It includes detailed information on how to write a cold email (hint: you don’t want to forgot to optimize your signature), plus it also includes 3 high-converting cold email templates. You’re definitely going to want to bookmark this!

You know you need a great subject line to get recipients to open your email, but what the heck do you write? If you need some inspiration, these 10 free subject line generators could help.

⚒️ Free One-Click Email Warm-up Service 🔗

Above, I mentioned our new email warm-up service. Here are a few ways that it differs from the competition: 1) One-click setup – no usernames/passwords to enter; 2) Auto-detect the right settings – the service figures out your daily volume and ramp-up; 3) Auto inbox decluttering – no need to set up a Gmail filter manually (in fact, doing so harms the warm-up process).

Increase replies to your cold emails using the REPLY method. It starts with sharing results, something that is important to every single business.

🚨 Cold Email of the Week 📧

Here’s a strong cold email:

A few reasons why this is likely to get a reply: It acknowledges the prospect’s pain points and challenges. Articulating this in a way that is relatable is huge. But what if you don’t know your prospect’s challenges or what’s important to them? Do client interviews to enable you to send emails like this one.

That’s all for today.

I hope you enjoyed issue #15.

Ajay Goel