Cold Email Insights #18

Hey everyone,

I’ve got several good cold email examples for you, including a great one in the Cold Email of the Week.

But before that, we kick off with the story of  scrappy entrepreneur who sent a cold email to billionaire investor Mark Cuban. Not only did he get a response, but Cuban invested in his business.

Before we get to this week’s newsletter, the most clicked link from last time was: 27 subject lines designed for cold email follow-ups.

Now on to what’s new:

🧠 Mark Cuban Replied to This Cold Email (Within Hours) ⚡

Writing a good cold email can be a grind, especially if you’re writing many emails each day. For ideas and inspiration, check out these 30 cold email examples.

This is a cool story about an entrepreneur who sent a cold email to Mark Cuban and got a response from him a few hours later.  One reason the email succeeded is because he approached it as a conversation (instead of a pitch).

⚒️ 4 Cold Email Follow-up Templates 🔗

By now, you should know that the art of cold email is in the follow-up. It’s nice when you get an immediate response (especially from Mark Cuban!), but usually you have to follow up at least once. Here are 4 cold email follow-up templates in case you need some help with that.

🚨 Cold Email of the Week 📧

This good cold email was highlighted by Josh Braun on LinkedIn. Take a look:

One of the things that works really well in this email is the “low friction ask.” It’s not a stressful ask for the recipient.  The personalization and social proof (1,298 podcast hosts) help grab attention as well.

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I hope you enjoyed issue #18.

Ajay Goel