Cold Email Insights #20

Hey everyone,

I’ve rounded up a lot of great cold email advice and examples in this week’s newsletter, including the 19 worst mistake you might be making on your cold email campaigns.

To help you correct them, we’ve also got some templates you can personalize and customize to make sure you’re sending effective cold emails.

Plus, we’ve got a bad cold email that landed in the inbox of a GMass user.

🧠 19 worst cold email mistakes ⚡

An episode of Startups for the Rest of Us focused on cold email for B2B SaaS suggests your outreach should start out by showing the 2 biggest problems you solve for your prospects.

This company analyzed over 1,000,000 cold email messages to uncover the 19 worst mistakes people make in cold email. It turns out deceptive subject lines is a one-way ticket to no response.

⚒️ 4 Cold email templates 🔗

If you’ve ever worried whether your emails are hitting spam, this is for you: On the GMass blog, we’ve listed the top reasons why your emails might be going to spam and how to fix each issue.

Need some cold email inspiration? Here are four cold email templates you can customize for your next campaign.

🚨 Cold email of the week 📧

This cold email landed in the inbox of GMass user Rodrigo Garcia-Mulder (we’ve obscured identifying details):

Rodrigo didn’t find it effective or compelling for a few reasons:

  • He didn’t receive a LI request (so it’s not even accurate)
  • His company doesn’t do shipping, so it’s not relevant
  • No CTA
  • It’s unclear what problem they’d solve for the business

Thanks Rodrigo for sharing this example from out in the wild! Hopefully you all feel equipped to do better.

And that’s it for this week!

I hope you enjoyed issue #20.

Ajay Goel