Cold Email Insights #4


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🧠 Brain Power

Patrick Frank isn’t a sales guy and is new to cold email, but he’s using it in a targeted way to grow his new video editing business. Patrick details his approach from setting up an email address specifically for cold emails to what he includes in body of the email itself (Check this: he doesn’t plan on including ANY LINKS until the 3rd email).

If you’re not getting great responses to your emails — it could be your writing style and word choice. According to one study, emails written at a 3rd grade reading level had the highest response rate. These emails performed 36% better in terms of open rate than those written at a college reading level.

⚒️ Resources 🔗

This free email template library lets you filter based on different situations. For example, there are suggested emails for “follow up after no response” and “book appointment.”

When you’re sending a cold email, landing in Spam is the worst possible thing. It’s the email equivalent of DOA (dead on arrival). GMass’ Spam Solver was designed to prevent this. The tool automates the process of optimizing for inbox delivery. It will test your campaign across 20 different Gmail and G Suite accounts, with different filters in place.

🚨 Cold Email of the Week 📧

This exact email template won a SaaS company 16 new customers. It also got a 57% open rate and a 21% response rate. Why?
– Enticing offer gives prospects a reason to respond. Who wouldn’t want to “almost triple their monthly run rate?”
– It’s not too formal, the language feels natural
– It offers some proof by showing the results they achieved for a competitor

via Hubspot.


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