Cold Email Insights #6


This issue might seem brief, but I’ve got some excellent resources for you today, including 55 cold email subject line examples (some of which received open rates of more than 80%).

Also, got another bad cold outreach example 💩 in the Cold Email of the Week thanks to a reader of this newsletter! I love hearing from readers, so if you have any cold email examples that are either really good or really bad, please send them to [email protected] for potential inclusion or just reply here!

The most clicked link 💡 in the last issue was this example of a really good cold email on Indie Hackers.

Now on to this week’s cold email resources…

🧠 Brain Power

Using the word “expire” (and other words that create a sense of urgency) will help ensure people read and respond to your cold email. That’s one of many tips in this detailed post on getting responses from cold email.

While we’re on the topic of responses, an episode of the Sales Evangelist podcast details how one company used video to increase cold email replies by 56 percent (compared with plain text).

⚒️ Resources 🔗

Cold email subject lines with open rates over 80%? reached out to a few companies and asked them to share their best-performing cold email subject lines as well as open rate states. Here are the 55 examples.

Are your emails going to spam? GMass’ free toolshows you exactly where you and in the recipients’ inbox.

🚨 Cold Email of the Week 📧

We’ve got another example of poor cold outreach this week. A reader shared a recent message he received. He says it “screams of disingenuity.” See if you agree:
Nothing wrong with the first sentence, but it goes downhill quickly after that with his poorly executed effort to be informal and familiar. The rest is vague (exceptional returns?) and ultimately, a message like this leaves you feeling like something isn’t quite right.

And that’s it for this week.

I hope you enjoyed issue #6.

Ajay Goel