Cold Email Insights #7


Hope you are having a good week so far.

At what point does a cold email become unethical? In today’s email, we include an interesting discussion where the cold email sender questions whether he went too far to get his readers’ attention.

The Cold Email of the Week is another bad, sad one 😲. Thank you reader Anastasia for sending it our way. Keep them coming — if you have any cold email examples that are either really good or really bad, send them to [email protected] for potential inclusion or just reply here!

The most clicked link 💡 in the last issue was this list of 55 cold email subject lines.

Now on to this week’s cold email resources…

🧠 Brain Power

You’re not going to get people to open your email without a good email subject line. In this video, real estate marketer Jason Wardrop shares the 6 email subject lines he used to generate $6 million in revenue. Jason has had success with questions subject lines like “did you see this?”

When sending a cold email, how far do you want to go to get your reader’s attention? That question is at the center of this discussion. The sender included an exaggerated claim in his email but says it helped get the email noticed (he sent it to 6 agencies and got 2 sign ups).

⚒️ Resources 🔗

Bookmark this beast: 72 cold email templates that win customers. It includes templates of all sorts from reaching out to a prospect who uses a competitor, a meeting request, SEO outreach, and more.

Are your emails going to spam? GMass’ free tool shows you exactly where you land in the recipients’ inbox.

🚨 Cold Email of the Week 📧

From the land of bad, spammy cold emails, Anastasia, the founder of Healing Hands in Miami, Florida, forwarded this email she received:

A few things that jump out:

  • Confusing subject line (looks like automation gone wrong)
  • Vague offer — why exactly is he or she reaching out?
  • Strange and awkward wording through the email (was this written by a person?)

Anastasia also said she thought it was odd that it was sent from a Gmail account instead of a company email address and that it was sent from an iPhone.

Sigh! Don’t do this.

I hope you enjoyed issue #7.

Ajay Goel