The Gmail Genius #24 — A Steve Jobs email deconstructed

Steve Jobs knew how to write an email. Here’s how he did it
A detailed look at an old email from Steve Jobs teaches some important lessons.

What do I do when I receive someone else’s email?
For those of you with common names or email addresses that can easily be mistaken for someone elses, this offers some thoughts on the etiquette of handling those misplaced emails.

10 steps to tame your email inbox and keep chaos at bay
TED’s User Experience Architect says he likes his inbox the same way he likes his designs: simple, orderly, and communicating clearly what to do next.

How I Email: Sol Orwell, Co-Founder of

No new interview this week, so we’re pointing you to this one from the archives with the blogger Sol Orwell, co-founder of the nutrition and supplement website Here’s an excerpt:

 I generally subscribe to Inbox Zero [mentality]– if there’s an email in my inbox, it’s something to be dealt with. Otherwise, I use something like Boomerang to get it out of my inbox until I am ready to deal with it.

I am decently protective about my email address; it’s not listed anywhere.

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