The Gmail Genius #57 – Train Gmail to work the way you think

How I Email: Ashley Guttuso, Director of Marketing, Simple Focus Software
Ashley Guttuso leads marketing for Simple Focus Software, a usability and design company that has created several digital products, including the newsletter platform Curated. She shares the habits of successful newsletter creators (hint: the intro is key).

How I Email: Hugues Bugilimfura, Founder, Email at Scale
Hugues Bugilimfura is an email marketer who specializes in creating welcome sequences, abandon cart sequences and newsletters. He walks us through how to create a welcome email sequence that drives sales.

What your email inbox reveals about your personality
Psychologists say the way you clean (or don’t clean) your inbox actually does say something about your personality. But it might not be what you think – having thousands of unread emails doesn’t necessarily mean you’re disorganized.

This next-level hack trains Gmail to work the way you think
Here’s how you can customize the tabs on top of our Gmail inbox to make them work better for you.

Google teases a Gmail facelift that brings it in line with other recent brand revamps
Gmail is updating its logo and other changes could be coming soon.