We’re really into email — Gmail specifically — and always on the lookout for ways to do it better. Every month, we send three useful links offering ideas to improve how you deal with email. We also publish a How I Email Q&A in which we ask a journalist, entrepreneur, creative, or other smart person to talk about their approach to email.

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to inbox management. We get it, which is why The Gmail Genius provides an easy, regular dose of tips and tools to take you from inbox overwhelm to inbox under control.

Ajay Goel, Actual Gmail Genius

Ajay has been working on ways to improve the email experience for 15+ years. He is the creator of email marketing platform JangoMail, which was sold to a private equity firm in 2013. Turns out, Ajay wasn’t quite done with email projects after that.

Fed up with the challenge of staying on top of his overflowing inbox, he created Wordzen, a Chrome plugin, in 2015. Wordzen offers busy Gmail users access to a team of human editors who will help craft polished, professional, and error-free emails based on your shorthand notes or recorded instructions. While recruiting editors for Wordzen, he developed a new tool to streamline communication with job applicants. That was the foundation for GMass, a mass email, mail merge, and auto follow-up extension with more than 80,000 users.

Our Team

Jaclyn Schiff

Editorial and Partnership Ace

As one of those people with an embarrassingly large number of unread emails, Jaclyn is on a personal mission to stop the inbox madness. With an assortment of newsroom and reporting experience, she brings a keen journalistic eye to her editorial duties at The Gmail Genius.

Favorite Gmail feature: Google Wallet’s integration with Gmail. Who doesn’t love opening an email that gives you a few extra $$$?

Maya Quijada

Operations Whizz

Maya is the woman who makes everything run smoothly. Whether it’s payroll, recruitment, troubleshooting, customer service, marketing or anything in between, Maya takes care of it all from the Wordzen, GMass, Gmail Genius headquarters.

Favorite Gmail Feature: Send & Archive keeps my inbox tidy with minimal effort. (Configure this by opening Gmail Settings and selecting “Show ‘Send & Archive’ button in reply”). I love being able to compose and send an email, then physically remove it from the working to-do list of my inbox.