The Gmail Genius #54 – How to keep a squeaky-clean inbox while expending as little effort as possible

How I Email: Dorie Clark, Marketing and Branding Strategist
The well-known speaker/author thinks you should check email first thing in the morning.

How I Email: Yarty Kim, Co-Founder, A4E
Yarty, who co-founded a bookkeeping service with his wife, offers tips for using email to track expenses. He also explains why he sends emails to his future self.

I’m incredibly lazy—but I achieve inbox zero every day. Here’s how
Here’s the golden rule: Deal with it or delete it.

The AppSumo team’s amazing zen Gmail inbox system
The team worked with a consultant to create “zen Gmail inbox magic” and they detailed exactly how they accomplished it.

Will the new Hey email service eat Gmail’s lunch?
GMass’ founder offers his take on the hot, new email service in town.