The Gmail Genius #58 – Are you responding to emails too soon?

How I Email: Josh Spector, Creator, For The Interested
This week we’re spotlighting this interview with Josh, the curator of a weekly newsletter to help makers better produce, promote, and profit from creations. In his Q&A, he breaks down his 7-step plan for dealing with email overwhelm.  

How I Email: Gretchen Rubin, Author, The Happiness Project
Can email to make you happier? Gretchen, a prolific observer of happiness and human nature, shares some ideas.  

How Zappos founder uses the ‘Yesterbox’ technique tame his inbox
Tony Hsieh breaks down how he manages email – a system that treats his inbox like a to-do list.

The email tips collection
Gmail Genius interviewee Josh Spector compiled a mammoth list of the most valuable email tips he’s come across so far (including the one just above!).

Yes, you can respond to an email too soon (and it can come back to bite you)
Immediate responses can come across as hasty and, sometimes, downright rude or inappropriate.