The Gmail Genius Issue #22 — Gmail quietly offering easier way to unsubscribe from emails

3 ways to detox your inbox for 2018
A Forbes writer outlines the steps she is implementing to improve her relationship with email. “Like any healthy lifestyle, I know making lasting change requires completely reshaping the role email plays in my daily life.”

9 typical business emails you’re doing all wrong
Danny Rubin, who we previously interviewed, shows us the typical, boring way emails are written and offers suggestions for a smarter approach.

Gmail quietly offers new unsubscribe feature: reports
Gmail has been rolling out a feature that asks users if they want to unsubscribe from mailing lists to which they have not responded in a month.

How I Email: Susan Shain, Freelance Writer  

This week’s Q&A is with Susan Shain, a freelance writer specializing in travel, food, and personal finance.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

I receive a lot of emails from people with huge vague questions — like how to start a writing career or how to travel the world — and I used to spend hours crafting detailed responses, only to never receive a reply back. So now, to separate the people who are genuinely curious from the people who just send random “what is the meaning of life?” emails after too much box wine, I respond with one short question. If they reply to that, which is surprisingly rare, then I’ll engage in a deeper conversation.

On that front, I also enjoy a liberal use of vacation responders (even when I’m not on vacation). I’ll pop in links to relevant blog posts, and tell people to follow up in a month if they have further questions. Most of the time, they don’t.

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