The Gmail Genius Issue #25 — 4 Gmail tricks to manage thousands of emails in under an hour

Google’s confusing Gmail security alert looks exactly like a phishing attempt
Google’s recent email alert was legitimate, but security researchers say it is encouraging bad email hygiene.

Why I banned email at night
This CEO has a no email rule between the hours of 7 pm and 7 am.

Gmail tricks: 4 inbox hacks I use to manage thousands of emails in under an hour
Ramit Sethi says Inbox Zero isn’t the goal. Instead, he uses a few different approaches and handles email in an hour a day.

Michael McWatters, Director of Experience Design, TED

This week we caught up with design and development guru Michael McWatters, director of experience design at TED in New York City. Here’s an excerpt:

I’ve tried dozens (no lie) of email clients and utilities over the years, but I prefer a manual approach: read, reply, take action, archive, unsubscribe. It’s like a simple housekeeping ritual or good dental hygiene: if you stay on top of it, you’ll avoid a mess…and dental disease.

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