The Gmail Genius Issue #29 — You can now send self-destructing emails from Gmail, here’s how

Here’s how to send emails that expire with Gmail’s new ‘confidential mode’
A step-by-step guide for a new Gmail feature that lets you set an expiration date on emails so that the contents are inaccessible after a certain period.

Here are the things people hate the most about your email signature
Still have a fax number in there? It might be time to hit delete.

How me and my dad outsmarted Google’s Smart Compose
Google’s AI feature is in its infancy. So it can’t quite handle adult conversations — as this father-son experiment shows.

How I Email: Megan Sharma, Author of “100 of Your Toughest Business Emails: Solved”

Megan Sharma is the author of “100 of Your Toughest Business Emails: Solved,” which offers plug-and-play language for writing all kinds of emails. The book draws on her years of experience as a professional ghostwriter for a fast-paced global IT consulting firm. Here’s an excerpt from the interview where she discussed what it takes to write a solid email:

I studied journalism in college and wrote for newspapers for years in school. So I always remember the five Ws — who, what, when, where, why, and then you can add the how and the “Why should I care?” I generally use that as my basic structure. You don’t have to follow it exactly when you write every email, but you want to make sure, first of all, that every email you’re sending has a purpose.

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