The Gmail Genius #38 – A professor explains why not responding to emails is unacceptable

No, you can’t ignore email. It’s rude.
Organizational psychologist Adam Grant argues that not responding to a personal email is “digital snubbery.” Instead of ignoring emails, Grant offers suggestions for how to prioritize and what to do instead.

Gmail gets a useful right-click menu
Towards the end of February, Gmail started rolling out right-click menu for G Suite users. Now, when you click on a message in inbox, you see a long list of features.

How to Marie Kondo your inbox, according to a Google productivity expert
Laura Mae Martin, executive productivity advisor at Google, says she keeps a smile folder in her inbox, which includes her favorite thank you emails and puppy pictures.

How I Email: Jay Clouse, Founder, Unreal Collective

An entrepreneurial whiz with a passion for product management, Jay, who writes a weekly email for freelancer and creatives, shares how he applies a product mindset to email. Here’s an excerpt:

I think of the readers who write to me as my users or customers. If you had a product and your users are asking you questions about your product, you wouldn’t ignore them. You’d want to answer their questions because you want them to have a good experience with your product.

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How I Email: Andrew Mellen, Professional Organizer

Andrew Mellen is a professional organizer—helping clients reduce both physical and digital clutter. He believes Inbox Zero is a myth; instead, he focuses on creating rules and filters to organize his email. Read the rest…